Against Discrimination: The Problem With Title IX Investigations

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Title IX was created almost 40 years ago with the intention of leveling the playing field for women, particularly in the workplace and educational spaces. In 1972, the world was a lot different for women. Women were routinely harassed, belittled and catcalled in their place of work, and there were very few women’s teams in […]

The Essential Qualities of a good Personal Injury Lawyer

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Accidents can happen at any location and at any time. An untimely injury can leave you out of work until you recover completely. But if you get injured in an accident that was not your fault, you need to seek out damages against the negligent party. Making ends meet without work and increased expenses due […]

Top Reasons to Hire a Franchise Attorney

Top Reasons To Hire A Franchise Attorney There are many reasons why someone will need to hire a franchise attorney. While some of the reasons may seem obvious, not all of them are. Here are some of the top reasons as decided by experts as to why you will need a franchise attorney. 1. Every […]

Employment Law Tips For Start-Up Businesses

In start-ups or small businesses, business owners face a lot of issues. They are the ones responsible for managing the business, overseeing the accounting processes, recruitment and selection of the employees, and even determining the marketing strategies. Business owners wear so many hats since their responsibilities cover many different functions. However, business owners can face […]

Key Tips on How to Help Avoid Estate Litigation

All too often families must endure the pain of losing a loved one, parent, brother, sister, or even a child to a disease or accident and the legal aftermath can result in various conflict amongst relatives and even in-laws. Disputes over inheritances and estates can rupture the relationships they have. Fights like this can sometimes […]

Long Term Disability: How to Turn It into Something Positive

Getting sick is something no one can avoid. At some point, an illness or injury can leave a person stricken with a disability that could last a long while. When that happens, a person can suffer from demotivation, tiredness and even depression or other mental health issues. This can be stressful and tiring for family […]