Write For Us

Thanks for your desire to write for us. Please read the guidelines below in detail. If any do not apply to you, for instance, the first section addressed to SEO companies and link builders, you may skip ahead. There are a few ways you can write for Unbound Northwest:

SEO Companies and Link Builders Start Here

If you work for an SEO agency or are link building for your clients, we require a small fee to place your posts on our site. This is to cover the editing of your posts, plagiarism checks, grammar checks, and adding images to your posts. If you include images and wish them to be placed on our site, you will need to provide a link to the source, and the images must be royalty-free.

Posts must be well written and relevant, and follow all other Unbound Northwest Guidelines. If you want your post to be included in a specific category, you will need to indicate that in your outreach email or the email when you send the post or we will choose the category for you. Please do not send posts that are ESL or poorly written that require heavy editing. These require additional time, and additional fees may be charged depending on the edits needed.

PITCH FIRST: If you are a part of the two groups above, you must pitch us first before sending articles, and let us know who you are and be straightforward with the fact that you are link building. If you try to pitch under one of the categories below, we will remove your posts from our site and you will be banned from posting in the future.

LINKS are all DOFOLLOW and PERMANENT. There is no need to ask in your pitch if they are. Please read these guidelines thoroughly before sending content.

ABOUT PLAGIARISM: Your work must be your own, and not copied from any other source. Plagiarism will result in you being banned from the site.

Link Building Defined

Link building is defined as any agency or individual seeking link placement for another or themselves for the purpose of building Domain Authority or Google Search Ranking, or any other metric that influences Google search results. The links in your piece do not have to look natural: they have to be natural. If you need guidelines on this, see this article by Matt Cutts of Google. Links must go to websites that are legitimate sources or otherwise enhance the reader experience.

When you contact us, you must be honest about your affiliation with any brand you are linking to. If you work for an agency or are freelance link building see the above guidelines or the notes on sponsored posts below. Again, do not attempt to build links on our site without being transparent. We work in the SEO industry and can spot you a mile away.


You may advertise on Unbound Northwest, provided your product fits the needs of our users, and even your ads or sponsored posts provide a good user experience for our readers. A sponsored post is one that is defined as a post that rather than being informative in nature, is advertorial instead. This means you talk directly about the product rather than about a topic.

Banner ads, image ads, and sponsored posts will be priced dependent upon your needs. Contact the site administrator for details.

New Freelancers and Guest Post Writers:

You may write a guest post on Unbound Northwest on any of the following topics:

  • Health
  • Home/Home Improvement
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Travel
  • Tech
  • Outdoors
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Automotive
  • Yachting/boating

Please pitch your ideas before you start your article, and look around the site before you send anything. We are a new site, but we have several contributors and plan to publish several articles a week on various topics. If your subject is time-sensitive or related to a news story, please note that in all caps in the subject line.

The types of posts we are looking for are from individuals looking to build their portfolio, share a message that is important to them, or just practice writing in a journalistic style and getting editing feedback. We welcome one-off content and regular contributions.

A NOTE ON LINKS: Feel free to include links in your article to authoritative sites. If you are LINK BUILDING see the section above. Any and all links will be examined and can be replaced at the will of the editor. Please do not ask us to keep certain links to sites or clients you are affiliated with. That falls under the link building section above.

If you have any questions, please ask first. If you send unsolicited articles and they appear to be for link building purposes, and you have not been honest in your intentions, you will be banned from our site.


Send your idea, a short bio, links to a few writing samples and links to your social media profiles. The way this site will grow is by authors sharing their articles and linking back to them from other sites. If you are just starting out, and want some tips on growing your social media presence, see this article. Whether your pitch will be approved is not solely based on this, but it helps if you are an expert in the category you are pitching in.

Regular Contributors

Want to write for Unbound Northwest on a regular basis and be part of our team? We are now accepting applications for regular contributors.  As of January 1, 2020, all regular contributors are being offered a stipend per article. A spot on Unbound Northwest can give you a voice, and a chance to build up a new audience. We do not pay market rates yet, but we can pay you something for your efforts.

To be a regular contributor you must write for Unbound Northwest at least once a month. You may write in any category. Your bio and byline will appear next to your articles, and you will have access to WordPress where you can enter articles without the need to pitch first.  Your articles will still go through editorial review.

To become a regular contributor, and receive a stipend for your work, you must first write three guest posts for the site or contact the site administrator to apply. In the future, we will be looking for editors to handle each category of post, and other staff positions, so this is an opportunity to get your foot in the door of what we hope will be a fun and profitable site. The amount of your stipend will depend on the nature and length of your article contributions, and how often you contribute.

Publishing Rights

Your article must be unique, and not be published anywhere else for 90 days after its publication date on Unbound Northwest. After that, rights to the article revert back to the author, but it is our hope that you would not post your work anywhere else exactly as it appears on Unbound Northwest. You may, of course, publish similar work on another site, and you are encouraged to link back to the original post on Unbound.

That’s it. Ready to get started? Email all pitches, applications, or questions to [email protected].