The causes of car crashes seem endless. There are plenty of factors that lead to car crashes on the road. It’s the responsibility of law enforcers and insurance company claims adjusters to  determine the causes of car accidents.

It’s important on a number of levels to know the cause of an accident and to determine who is at fault. For the law enforcers, or the police, it is essential to determine the cause of an accident because they issue ticket, work with detectives and prosecutors on legal charges, and generally help determine legal liability.

Likewise, an insurance company representative must determine who is at fault in vehicle accidents to know which party, or if anyone at all, should receive a claims payment. Also, it helps them determine how much payment ought to be given to a certain party.

Key Causes of Car Crashes​

Why is it important to know the causes of car accidents? Simple: to prevent it from happening to you. Car crashes are unfortunately common in the United States, and they are usually caused by human error. Some consequences are minor, but car crashes in general can result in severe injuries and even fatalities in the worst cases.

The following are the key reasons why there are car crashes or accidents:

Human Error

A common reason why cars have crashes is because of human error. The worst thing about this is that you only have control over your actions, and not the other driver next to you on the road. Likewise, since you are in control of yourself, what you do affects your driving experience. Ever since cars were built, human error has been the main cause of car accidents.

Distracted Driving

Another human error that causes car crashes is distracted driving. Apparently, distracted driving is increasing since the emergence of modern technology. On top of that, technology and gadgets are being integrated into automobiles.

For instance, bluetooth players, DVD players, and cell phones are becoming a persistent distraction for most drivers. Most drivers want to multitask, especially when they are in a hurry. Multitasking like that while driving is unsafe and puts your life at risk.

Driving Under the Influence or DUI

Another reason why car accidents happen is because of drivers who are under the influence. Driving under the influence may refer to intoxication by way of alcohol, drug use, and various types of over the counter medicine and prescriptions. Again, this is considered human error.

DUI is against the law, and a lot of drivers commit to this act. Alcohol and drugs impair one’s mind and reaction time, putting you at a higher risk of causing car accidents.

Physical and Mental Conditions

There are plenty of physical or medical conditions that cause serious car accidents. These medical conditions include heart attacks, seizures, strokes, poor vision, and falling asleep while driving. It is crucial to ensure your health and think of the risks, both to you and to others on the road, before driving. If you forget your glasses or you are simply unwell, it is be wise to ask another person to drive.

Failure to Maintain Your Vehicle and Mechanical Failures

There are many reasons why mechanical failure in vehicles happen. There are times when these failures are out of your control. Meanwhile, there are things you can do to prevent or lessen the risk of mechanical failures. For instance, you can maintain the condition of your vehicle. Broken tie rods, bad brakes, and bald tires are a few examples of problems that occur with an unmaintained vehicle. Those mechanical failures can cause car crashes. Thus, it is essential to attend to the issues of your vehicle in a timely manner.

You simply cannot blame the vehicle because your brakes have not worked. They probably failed  because you were unable to maintain or fix it even though they have been squealing for a month. Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain your vehicle.

Manufacturer Malfunction

Although this may not seem like a common cause of car accident, sometimes it happens that the vehicle was not manufactured properly. Automakers announce recalls when problems have been detected. However, a recall sometimes transpires when several vehicle accidents have happened. When purchasing vehicles, make sure your vehicle is manufactured properly, and be vigilant with recalls. If your vehicle has been involved in a recall, have it repaired and maintained.


Excessive rain, dense fog, high winds, and slick roads are common problems for drivers. Extreme weather conditions and differences in temperature may generate large potholes that damage a vehicle. A driver can still be held responsible for a car insurance claim even when a car accident was caused by the weather.


Animals are clueless and cannot comprehend the risks they take when crossing the road. Some car crashes occur when a large animal crosses the road while you’re traveling at high speeds. The animal may unknowingly run straight into the side of your automobile or right in front of you.

Some drivers immediately jerk or swerve the car when they see an animal coming their way, which can lead to an even more dangerous situation. It wouldn’t hurt to be cautious when driving, especially on roads where large animals are known to roam. Their unpredictability can be very dangerous to drivers.

Always Be Cautious

There are a lot of perils related to driving. It is essential for drivers to be vigilant, on guard, and cautious 100 percent of the time. Remember the common causes of car crashes and take preventive measures. If you are ever involved in a car accident, schedule an appointment with a personal injury lawyer in case you want to file a claim or if you are accused of causing the accident. Should you need immediate legal assistance for your situation, you may click here.

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