Tilting at Windmills

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. 

And that’s exactly where Alonso Quixana is headed. At the behest of a special division of the Vatican, he’s been charged with investigating an unconventional invasion in Spain. People might think he is crazy for tilting at windmills, but he isn’t.

The windmills really are monsters.

They’re killing cattle, destroying villages, and terrifying peasants. With the help of his sidekick Sancho Panzo and his new friend Dora, Alonso, operating under the alias Don Quixote, will have to take them on. Will he defeat the windmills and return
the plains of Spain to their once peaceful existence? 

You won’t be able to stop reading this laugh-out-loud retelling of the classic tale until the very last page.

Witch Please

Nolan Payne needed a new job. That last near-death experience was a doozy. He’d managed to survive with a few broken bones and some new nightmare fuel, but it was time for a career change before the insanity stuck. Enter the strangest Fed-type he’d ever met to offer him a job in a weird secret government organization.

The money’s good and getting to introduce himself as a monster hunter isn’t so bad either.
Nolan jumped at the chance without really knowing what he was getting himself into. Ancient secrets, identity revelations, a new partner with an interesting past – it’s one punch after the other. His first assignment brings it all into focus.

Wacky weather problems, a domestic dispute, and a cursed witch.
All in a day’s work.

Miner Inconveniences

The Monster Marshals, a secret government agency, has been formed to protect the world from misbehaving monsters using the procedural acronym NECK, or Neutralize, Extract, Capture, or Kill. This time agent Aria Peirce and Jim Underwood have been sent to a mine in North Idaho, where an apparent AHOOL — a giant bat or winged primate usually found in the South American jungle, has been discovered. 

How did it get there? And how will they battle this strange monster 5,900 feet below the surface of the earth? To do so, they’ll have to call on more than just the gadgets provided by Wonderly, the Marshals’ tech-savvy weapons specialist, or the angry oversite of their boss, Professor Erich Leifsson. The agents will have to rely on their own wits and those of the miners who guide them, and Aria Peirce will have to face one of her greatest fears.

This tense paranormal fantasy and action thriller will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat with the lights on until you turn the very last page.

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