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It’s a dream assignment!

Nick O’Flannigan, a freelance photographer has been hired by Travel USA magazine to photograph every single state capital for a coffee table book they are creating. He was hired because of his eye for detail and his love of macro photography. 

For whatever reason, murder seems to follow Nick wherever he goes.

He encounters a mystery in every single city, and his knowledge of photography and his keen eye for detail gets him involved. 

Even when he wants to avoid the limelight, trouble seems to find him. Can he stay focused and complete his assignment on time? 

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Nick O’Flannigan and Sandra Watson, freelance photographers on assignment for Travel USA magazine, stumble upon a mystery when they visit a local brewery. A bartender reveals that her ex-girlfriend, a journalist, was recently murdered and she is the prime suspect.

The Ultimate Dilemma

As they investigate and work to fulfill their assignment at the same time, Nick learns that his father’s precarious health is declining. He’s faced with the toughest decision of his life: continue his assignment or return home to care for his parents. At the same time Sandra is drawn further into the investigation and discovers a vital clue.

The Shocking Truth

What follows is a gripping and suspenseful story, a shocking twist, and an emotional journey of self-discovery that changes everything.

Start reading today! You’ll be turning pages until the bitter end.


The Third Capital City Muders Compilation, South by Southwest, Avaiable Now!

Nick has traveled the southwest!

From Salt Lake to Phoenix, from Phoenix to Santa Fe, Nick’s journey continues! He’s been poisoned, knocked out, and stung by a wasp.

At every turn, he’s solved a difficult case.

But when he reaches Oklahoma City, everything changes. He’s not only a witness, but Nick also is a victim, and the solution will threaten everything he knows and may change his life forever.

Read books 11-15 in the Capital City Murders series, all in one volume. 

You won’t want to miss this section of Nick’s epic journey to photograph every state capitol building, one week at a time. 

A robber is dead, and a young woman stands accused.

Not only a witness, Nick is a victim, and he’ll need help to keep his assignment on track. His girlfriend Sandra answers the call, but a personal interest draws her into the investigation when the thief’s death turns out to be an overdose. 

A Satanic Preist faces off with a televangelist, and both may even be suspects.

Was this an accident? Where did the drugs come from? How did the victim get them? The questions point to one answer, but there is something missing. The key lies in Nick’s memory and a single photo.

But will anyone believe him?

He has a concussion. He’s behind on his assignment. And even Sandra thinks this time, he may be wrong. Will he convince them of what he knows to be true? Or has his hunch finally led him down the wrong path?

Axed in Austin eBook

Nick O’Flannigan needs a break.

The Austin music scene is just the ticket, and throwing in a little recreation seems like a good idea. But a local musician has been killed, and a new friend of Nick’s wants his help. However, the police have warned him off the case, and he really doesn’t want to be involved.

One Step Back

But something is wrong. There’s a critical clue, a footprint at the scene, and only Nick seems to suspect it means something more. Will his insight save the day, or will he find himself once again in deep trouble?

“Well-written and entertaining.” – Laura

From a deep mystery, some great music, and the gritty atmosphere of Austin, Texas, you won’t want to miss this travel murder mystery, the next in the Capital City Murders Series. Buy your copy and start reading today

Axed in Austin eBook

Nick gets Stung in Santa Fe.

While on his year long assignment to photograph every state capitol building for Travel USAmagazine, Nick O’Flannigan gest stung by a wasp. But he isn’t the only one. A strange death, ruled an accident, happened at a lab researching a vaccine for bee and wasp stings. Nick feels like there is something wrong. It doesn’t feel like an accident.

He doesn’t want to get involved.

When a small detail in a photo stands out, he just can’t shake the feeling that there is a killer on the loose, and he needs to be brought to justice. but will the evidence be enough to convince anyone that he’s right? Or will Nick once again find himself in the middle of a mystery he has no business being involved in?

If you love the Lord Peter Wimsey series, you’ll love Capital City Murders!

Axed in Austin eBook

The Heat is On

When teen partying and a mysterious drowning in Phoenix collide, Nick O’Flanningan is again unwittingly drawn into an investigation of the death that’s anything but accidental. But he knows at the same time he’ll have to stay focused on his assignment to photograph every state capitol building. The pressure’s on, from a potential client to local politicians, everyone expects something different from him.

A sunburn becomes so much more.

As his investigation takes him deeper into the dark secrets of the city, and as his list of suspects grows longer, Nick discovers a clue, brought on by a cure for a sunburn. Now he must make a choice. Will he get in the way of law enforcement, or will his eagle eye lead him to the truth?

“The Capital City Murders just keep getting better and better.” – Amazon reviewer

Find out in this thrilling best-selling mystery – where suspense is at its best and you’ll be guessing until the very end!

Axed in Austin eBook

Silence may be golden, but it can also be deadly.

Nick O’Flannigan thought his job as a freelance photographer was enough of an adventure – but when he finds himself on the trail of the Salt Lake Silencer, a series of serial murders rocking the city, he realizes that sometimes it takes more than a lens to catch a killer.

An emergency dental procedure puts him unwillingly in the role of a potential witness.

Now, with a newfound determination to avoid danger, Nick must stay on course to complete his year-long assignment or risk sacrificing not only his career, but also his blossoming relationship

“Keeps you on your toes until the very end.” – Andres

You won’t know the answer of either of those questions until the thrilling conclusion of this twisting travel mystery. Pick up your copy of this chilling installment of the Capital City Murders Series today!

Axed in Austin eBook

They pushed them from the window, and Nick saw it all.

When Nick O’Flannigan arrives in Denver to continue his freelance photography assignment for Travel USA magazine, he gets caught in a protest on the way to the airport to pick up his long-distance girlfriend and a group of his friends. He takes photos as he’s stopped in traffic, that’s when things go horribly wrong.

Unwittingly, he finds himself in the center of a mysterious web – and the media and police forces no longer trust him. With his girlfriend and his friends from Seattle in town, there’s even more pressure on him.

“The best in the series to date.” – Roger F.

When the press gets ahold of his story, his assignment to photograph every state capitol is on the line. Can Nick convince the authorities of the truth and make it out of the tangled mess alive?

Get ready for a suspenseful journey to uncover the clues and untangle the mystery in this best-selling thriller!

Axed in Austin eBook

Beautiful wedding dresses. Too bad about all that blood.

Nick O’Flannigan is an amateur sleuth who never intended to become a detective. He’s been trying to concentrate on his photography assignment, but he’s become fascinated with solving crimes.
When he arrives in Cheyenne, he discovers a cold case that will push him to the limits. With only one critical detail to go on, Nick must unravel the clues and piece together the evidence before the killer strikes again.

“A good mystery complete twists that have you second-guessing yourself.” – J. Johnson

This travel murder mystery will have you on the edge of your seat guessing until the very end! If you love Chase Baker, you’ll love Nick O’Flannigan too. Get your copy of this best-selling mystery today!

Axed in Austin eBook

A birthday celebration that ends in a heart-pounding tragedy.

Amateur sleuth Nick O’Flannigan, really on a photography assignment for Travel USA magazine, is welcomed in the small town of Pierre. But what begins as a seemingly mundane burglary turns out to be something else entirely, and a mysterious stranger may be the key to unlocking the truth.

Attempting to stay out of trouble

With an editor pushing him to stick to his assignment and stay out of the news, authorities increasingly suspicious of him, and a nail-biting twist, you won’t want to miss this installment of the wildly popular Capital City Murders series.

“Suspense and drama. The best so far.” –K. Jay

All fans of the Spenser series will love Nick O’Flannigan’s thrilling journey. Get your copy of this best-selling mystery today!

Bismarck Cover

When in cowboy country, sometimes cowboy games go wrong.

When Nick O’Flannigan arrives in Bismarck to continue his photography assignment for Travel USA he thought things might be a little calmer than they had been in previous cities. But when he finds a suspicious death and discovers a mystery that needs to be solved, he must decide between helping the local authorities or staying focused on his magazine mission.

“An inciteful story that pulls the reader in!” –Belinda Wilson

With time running out, will Nick be able to find the truth behind the death of the young man? Will he still meet his deadline and keep his assignment?

A Thrilling Twist

A thrilling mystery with twist and turns, Nick’s adventure in Bismarck will keep you on the edge of your seat as he tries to uncover what really happened.

Axed in Austin eBook

When murder gets personal

When Nick O’Flannigan arrives in the small town of Helena to continue his assignment of photographing state capitol buildings, he anticipates a peaceful respite from his life on the road.

“Another fun mystery.” –J. Johnson

But his peaceful trip is disrupted

But soon he discovers there’s been a grisly murder – a hanging in a park outside of town. With no clues, the police have made no progress in the case. But Nick finds an unexpected ally – an enigmatic stranger whose presence only raises more questions.

An unexpected suspect

As their conversations dig deeper, Nick begins to fear that something sinister is afoot. With each new discovery, Nick suspects he might know who the killer is, but proving it is another story. The final justice of this murder mystery will have you screaming at the pages. Don’t miss this gripping tale – buy your copy of the latest in the Capital City Murders series today!

Axed in Austin eBook


Nick O’Flannigan, a daring photographer on a year-long assignment for Travel USA magazine, to photograph every state capitol has an innate knack for sleuthing. When he arrives in Boise, he discovers the murder of an old classmate, whose husband is the most likely suspect. Nick begins a relentless investigation to uncover the truth.

“A GREEN THUMBs up from me.” –Bestselling Author Laurie Buchanan


Armed with his camera and an iron will, Nick is able to visit their home during a yearly event. After spotting a clue that went unnoticed by the media, he is faced with an unexpected turn of events.

“For Nick, this time it is personal. 5 Stars.” -R. Robinson

And Opportunity

Can he unravel the mystery and trap the suspect? Read this best-selling mystery today to find out!

deCaptiated in Carson City

A severed head in an alley can’t be ignored.

Nick O’Flannigan, amateur sleuth and photographer, arrives in Carson City wanting to avoid a mystery and the limelight. But when he sees a clue that could lead to the killer, he can’t help but get involved.

A single photograph will make all the difference. However, Nick finds it harder than ever to convince the police to pay attention to him. The final solution will take him closer to murder than he could’ve imagined. Will he keep his keen eye on his assignment at the same time?

“Irresistible.” –Margaret B.

If you love Lady Hardcastle, you’ll love Nick O’Flannigan in this thrilling travel murder mystery. Grab your copy and catch up with Nick today!

Axed in Austin eBook

Nick arrived in Sacramento, only to have his camera stolen.

A disaster for a freelance photographer on assignment to photograph every state capital for Travel USA magazine, Nick uses his amateur sleuth skills and his eye for detail to find the thief. But it turns out his camera theft spirals him into involvement with another mystery.

He turns to a friend, Sandra, who he just met in Salem for help with his assignment, and it turns out they share a lot of interests. There is a spark there, but he can’t afford to get caught up in a romance.

“Quick read but a twisty mystery.” –Vicki May

The pursuit of his camera leads to a deeper mystery, part of a series of murders. The investigation puts them in the path of the killer. Will they find Nick’s camera and catch the strangler at the same time?

You won’t be able to put down this episode of the Capital City Murders until the very end. Buy your copy and catch up with Nick and his adventures today!

Axed in Austin eBook

A former site of horror and death is the scene of a new murder.

Nick O’Flannigan is an amateur sleuth who’s arrived in the city of Salem to photograph the state capitol building as part of a year-long assignment.
When he arrives, he discovers there has been a murder at a local mental hospital, once the site of unspeakable horror, and the police have a suspect in custody. The more he looks into it, the more likely it seems that the police have the wrong man.

“This novella will grab your attention and reward you with an afternoon of who-dunnit!” – C.A. Ogt

With the help of his college buddy, a local reporter, Nick dives headlong into the investigation only to find himself way over his head with a murderer that doesn’t want to be caught. But one small clue tells him who the real killer is.

But he meets resistance at every turn.

With lagging police, disinterested editors, and a creepy old hospital to navigate, will Nick beat the odds and find the killer? Find out in this edge-of-your-seat mystery, the second novella in the captivating Capital City Murders series!

“Curiosity gets the best of Nick, and the old mental hospital is really creepy!” –Audrey

Axed in Austin eBook

Nick O’Flannigan thought he was just starting out on a freelance photography assignment.

As a successful photographer now traveling the country on assignment for Travel USA Magazine, Nick O’Flannigan never expected to get caught up in a mystery. But when arrives in the capital city of Washington, Olympia, he discovers there have been two overdose deaths. But when he overhears a conversation about two recent fatalities, he can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to the story.

“A good whodunnit read.” John Hussar

Determined to uncover the truth, Nick begins to dig deeper and discovers a clue hidden in a news photo that points to a new suspect.

A Ticking Clock

As he tries to get the information to the right authorities, Nick finds himself up against roadblocks at every turn. Time is running out, and he knows that if he doesn’t act fast, another murder is likely to happen. Can he get the information to the right authorities before another innocent victim pays the price? Enter an electrifying page-turner of suspense and intrigue, a Capital City Murders mystery that will have you guessing until the very end.

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“I’m enjoying the journey across the country with Nick and his camera, finding dead bodies and solving crimes. 50 Capitals. 50 Murders. 50 Months. I’ll be with Troy Lambert and Stuart Gustafson as they explore each state capital in this fun series of novella mysteries, each one the perfect size for an evening’s read” 

— Bruce DeLaney, co-owner of Rediscovered Books 

About the Author of Capital City Murders

Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert is a freelance writer, editor, and prolific mystery and thriller author. He’s been published over two dozen times in fiction and has written over 30 books including ghostwriting several non-fiction titles.

You can learn more about Troy Lambert on his website, and be sure to check out his author page on Amazon.

Stuart Gustafson came up with the original idea for Capital City Murders. He presented the idea to Troy Lambert in April of 2019 as a collaborative project. He’s stepped away at the moment to focus on family health.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors, and thank him for sharing the original idea and helping get the series started.

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Nick is driving a car across the country, stopping for gas regularly, visiting restaurants in every single capital city, staying at hotels, using a camera, a computer, and more.

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