Author Services

There is a lot of crap out there when it comes to author services. And I hate it. So this page not only describes what I can do for you, but other common places to find author services as well. Why include other sources?

Because this isn’t about me making money. This is about me helping other authors succeed. I can get busy: I may or may not have time to do your project in the timeframe you need. But I probably know someone who can if I can’t.

Check out the services below, and contact me if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you.

Experienced, Reliable, and Genre Specific Editing

So here is the deal: I’ve edited over 40 full-length novels in a variety of genres and even non-fiction. But as my career has evolved, I don’t do as much editing as I used to, so my schedule is pretty full.

However, even if I can’t help you for whatever reason, I can refer you to someone who can. You have two options: you can book a free 15-minute editing consultation. I’m happy to hear (briefly) about your project and talk about what the next steps are, including referrals if need be.

Or you can book a longer consultation if you feel you need more help or information. These last for one hour, and are charged at my normal freelance rate of $75.

The buttons below will take you to my calendar, where you can book a time that works for you.

Do you Need Help Outlining Your Story?

One of the things I do is work as the education lead for Plottr, a planning software for authors. As I result, I have some cool tools and some cool insights when it comes to plot. 

You don’t have to use Plottr for this consultation, but it can help. Together we can look at your story idea, where to start, how to choose a plot structure if you need one, fixing plot holes you may have, or I can even give you personalized tips about your story.

It all starts wtih a single, one hour consultation, and then we can go from there. 

Sound Good? Use the button below to get in touch. I’d love to help in any way I can. 

Need help with your email list?

Whether you are brand new to email marketing, or you need to move your list and automation from another service to MailerLite, I can help. I’m certified in how to use this platform to start your list and grow it to whatever level you would like. 

If you need to set up automation, build landing pages or even a simple website, embed forms in your website, and more, I can help you get started with one on one coaching, or I can do some things for you. 

Besides MailerLite, I’ve graduated from other email marketing courses created by Nick Stephenson, Mark Dawson, and others, so I can leverage that knowledge to help authors get the most from their email list. 

Start with a free consultation, or move on to a one-hour consultation where we can see if we are a fit for each other. Use the links below to get on my calendar. 

Talk to you soon!


I love to connect with other authors and share tips, tricks, and what is happening in the industry. Besides that, I will give you a FREE book. That’s right! 7 Steps to Plotting your Novel Quickly is yours, just for signing up!

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