It’s getting close to biking season, in fact, we have already had a few good riding days already here in Boise. Today, our guest post talks about what you should do in the unfortunate event of a bicycle accident.

Disclaimer: the material presented in the article below should only be considered as a general overview regarding bicycle accidents. Should you or anyone you know, find yourself in a bicycle accident, it’s best that you speak to an attorney immediately. They can help you decide on what the best legal actions are to take.

Bicycle accidents are not relatively common, that’s why it’s hard to get bike accident advice. Most bicycle riders can get confused and feel isolated if they get involved in an accident, and because of this, there’s a big chance that they would make mistakes. And if you’re a bicycle rider who’s been involved in an accident, you must avoid these errors, as they might hurt your case. Avoiding these mistakes might be difficult, especially if after the crash you’re still in shock, struggling to get your life back, or dealing with the injuries. That’s why we’ve put together the key things you should remember legally about bicycle accidents.

  1. Doctor

You should see a doctor as soon as you can, even if you don’t see or feel any injury. Insurance companies will most likely decrease or decline your claim if you don’t see a doctor. Remember to take down note of your doctor’s assessment of your well-being. Keep every prescription, receipts and medical bills, as these are very helpful when you’re filing for claims.

  1. Lawyer

Before taking any legal action, make sure to hire or consult a lawyer that specializes in bicycle accidents. Hire someone that’ll give an assurance that they’ll be able to guide you throughout the whole process.

Give your lawyer the full details of the accident, and always be honest when giving them your perspective on what happened during the accident. And before giving them any payment, make sure that you and your lawyer have signed a representation agreement, to avoid any dispute between you and your lawyer.

  1. Complete Details

It’s essential that you take down notes of every detail of the accident and people involved in it.

Don’t forget to list these details:

  • Names and addresses of the people involved.
  • Driver’s License and Insurance details of the other driver.
  • Date, Time and Location of the Accident
  • Details of vehicle(s) involved
  1. Argument

There are a lot of causes for bicycle accidents, so no matter what your take on it, never argue with the other driver. If they blame you for the accident, there’s no point in arguing. Consult your lawyer first on what to do; don’t volunteer any information without the presence of your lawyer or try to settle the accident on your own. Doing any of these could result in making things worse, and these might be used against you in court.

  1. Witnesses

Make sure to obtain the details of every possible witness, and ask for their take on the accident. If you can, ask them to file a statement to the police, as this will help your case become clear.

  1. Photos and Videos

Make sure to take photos of the accident, nearby areas, and objects that may have caused the crash at different angles. And if you can, take video of the scene right after the crash. If you have a head cam installed, make sure to save the recordings of the events before, during and after the accident. The photos and videos can be used as reliable evidence if you want to file a lawsuit or claim for compensation.

  1. Police Report

Right after the accident, make sure to file a police report as soon as you can. This will serve as an impartial report of the incident and will help you determine the extent of the damages. It’ll also help you file the claim since most insurance companies need a police report to release compensation.

  1. Items

Never throw away any items that you had at the time of the accident. Take photographs of the items, and if you have them, gather the pictures of your bicycle before the crash for comparison. Receipts would also be helpful if you’re looking for compensation.

Make a list of:

  • Names of the items
  • Date purchase
  • Price
  • Extent of the damage

Nobody can ever predict an accident. Bicycle accidents unfold so suddenly that you may not be able to keep your wits. It can be a painful and traumatizing experience that nobody would ever want to go through. And dealing with the aftermath of the accident may be harder. This is why you should remember to deal with it with grace. Just remember to see a doctor immediately, call a bike accident lawyer, take down notes of every detail, never argue with the other driver, look for witnesses, take photos and videos, file a police report, and take note the items you have during the accident. Follow these guidelines, and you may able to claim for compensation or avoid getting sued.

Jewel Spencer

Jewel Spencer is a promising young law enthusiast. Her pieces offer a youthful perspective on  common law topics. Jewel is your go-girl when it comes to sports, and she is often seen jogging when she has free time.