The Sports Betting World: An Essential Business?

sports betting

Early in 2020, something unusual happened. You may have heard about it. And it had a ripple effect across a variety of businesses. Some businesses, labeled essential, nearly thrived. Others, like the airline industry, neared death from starvation, and will likely never be the same. Sports seasons were canceled, and sports betting, now legal nearly […]

Key Legal things to Remember in Case of a Bicycle Accident

It’s getting close to biking season, in fact, we have already had a few good riding days already here in Boise. Today, our guest post talks about what you should do in the unfortunate event of a bicycle accident. Disclaimer: the material presented in the article below should only be considered as a general overview […]

Are You Ready for Some Football?

NFL training camps are ramping up, and everyone is ready for some football while at the same time baseball season is headed into the fall schedule. In some ways, it is a slow time of year for sports, in other ways it is a time of anticipation. Fantasy leagues are forming, team names are being […]

Sports Gambling: Coming to an Idaho Casino Near You?

Recently, the Supreme court agreed to hear a lawsuit filed by the state of New Jersey that seeks a ruling that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is unconstitutional. This ruling would not only influence gambling but other Federal laws as well, including the voluntary cooperation between states and the Federal government, called […]