About Troy Lambert

At the age of six, I wrote the as yet unpublished story, George and the Giant Castle. It was a clever story, although not brilliantly written, abut a boy who defeats a dragon in a castle. 

It was to be the story of my life. The dragon, if you will, was a conglomeration of those who told me I would never make it as a writer. I set out to slay that dragon. 

A few decades later, armed with an extensive collection of hairnets, nametags, unfinished college degrees, and failed careers, I decided that being otherwise unemployable, I had to make a go of this writing thing. So I learned about SEO, put my learned journalism skills to work, and set out to write my first novel.

Over two-dozen books published, hundreds of articles, dozens of books edited, and a fair handful of published short stories later, and here I am. 

Currently, I work as a freelance writer and content strategist, ghostwriter, write novels, edit here and there, and am the co-founder of Unbound Publishing, niche non-fiction publisher.

I live, work, and play in Boise, Idaho, with my wife and three fur children. We get outdoors as often as possible when we’re not all behind our screens rearranging the alphabet. 

That includes the dogs, who often create better content than we do. 

Check out my books in our bookstore and online, and click the button below to learn more about Unbound Publishing. 


Are you an author who wants to take your career further? Then this book is for you. Troy outlines the writing and publishing business in its basic three parts: Production, Distribution and Marketing. 

From writing more and writing faster to how and where to distribute books, and proven marketing channels, he addresses the issues that face every modern author who dreams of quitting their day job. 

You’ll consult this book over and over on your author journey. Get your copy today!

Writing as a Business Cover

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