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A Destination Defined by Direction

If you’re traveling somewhere, you need a map. Direction. Yet many businesses simply post content with no idea where it is going, or what it does for them. Potential customers land on their site and flee, unable to find what they are looking for. 


For your website to actually work for you, and convert those web visitors to clients or customers, you need a strategy. A map for your content. That where I come in. I can not only help you draw the map, but I can also help you with writing and other tasks along the way.  

You not only need written content, but the person who writes your content needs to be an expert. Your content also needs a purpose, and to mesh with your other digital marketing strategy. 

Sure, you can do this on your own, and even members of your staff can help, but it is also useful to have an outside strategy, someone to take a look at your website, your overall plan, and recommend the best course for you. 

This article explains How to Create Linkable Content that Works, and this article, written for Tweak Your Biz that explains why good content writers hold the key to the internet kingdom. I have developed content strategy and written widely for a variety of companies on a number of topics. I’m sure I can help you too! 

Want to know all the subjects I’ve written about? Check out my portfolio here, on Contently. Included in the list is this post titled Four Spiritual Truths from the Big Lebowski, a post that got over four thousand shares in the first week! 

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