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Nick O’Flannigan is traveling all around the country to every state capital, and he is driving the whole way.

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About The SERIES

Freelance Photographer Nick O’Flannigan is on assignment from Travel USA Magazine to visit every single state capital and photograph the capital building and other attractions locally. He’ll have one week in each city. 

But it seems like Trouble follows Nick everywhere he goes, and in each city he encounters a murder mystery of some kind. But his keen eye for detail and his love of macro photography, the same things that got him hired in the first place, seem to draw him into the cases, whether he wants to avoid them or not. 

This is a great sponsorship opportunity for anyone who makes any kind of travel product. Contact us today!


Contact us about sponsorship opportunities today!

About the Author of the Capital City Murders Series

Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert is a freelance writer, editor, and prolific mystery and thriller author. He’s been published over two dozen times in fiction and has written over 30 books including ghostwriting several non-fiction titles.

You can learn more about Troy Lambert on his website, and be sure to check out his author page on Amazon.