Offered in Oklahoma City: A dark mystery!

A robber is dead, and a young woman stands accused.

Not only a witness, but Nick is also a victim, and he’ll need help to keep his assignment on track. His girlfriend Sandra answers the call, but a personal interest draws her into the investigation when the thief’s death turns out to be an overdose. 

A Satanic Priest faces off with a televangelist, and both may even be suspects.

Was this an accident? Where did the drugs come from? How did the victim get them? The questions point to one answer, but there is something missing. The key lies in Nick’s memory and a single photo.

But will anyone believe him?

He has a concussion. He’s behind on his assignment. And even Sandra thinks this time, he may be wrong. Will he convince them of what he knows to be true? Or has his hunch finally led him down the wrong path?

“You’ll leave Oklahoma City with a new perspective…” -Advanced Reviewer

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