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“I’m enjoying the journey across the country with Nick and his camera, finding dead bodies and solving crimes. 50 Capitals. 50 Murders. 50 Months. I’ll be with Troy Lambert and Stuart Gustafson as they explore each state capital in this fun series of novella mysteries, each one the perfect size for an evening’s read.”

Bruce DeLaney

Co-owner, Rediscovered Books

“Characters abound in the latest Nick O’Flannigan story as we get to spend some quality time with Gerry, Catherine, and Sandra. We see Nick at his best and his worst as this tale unfolds. The best yet!”

Belinda Wilson

Amazon Reviewer, Defenestration in Denver

Fast Break

About the Author of the Capital City Murders Series

Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert is a freelance writer, editor, and prolific mystery and thriller author. He’s been published over two dozen times in fiction and has written over 30 books including ghostwriting several non-fiction titles.

You can learn more about Troy Lambert on his website, and be sure to check out his author page on Amazon.