Capital City Murders

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It’s a dream assignment!

Nick O’Flannigan, a freelance photographer has been hired by Travel USA magazine to photograph every single state capital for a coffee table book they are creating. He was hired because of his eye for detail and his love of macro photography. 

For whatever reason, murder seems to follow Nick wherever he goes.

He encounters a mystery in every single city, and his knowledge of photography and his keen eye for detail gets him involved. 

Even when he wants to avoid the limelight, trouble seems to find him. Can he stay focused and complete his assignment on time? 

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A robber is dead, and a young woman stands accused.

Not only a witness, Nick is a victim, and he’ll need help to keep his assignment on track. His girlfriend Sandra answers the call, but a personal interest draws her into the investigation when the thief’s death turns out to be an overdose. 

A Satanic Preist faces off with a televangelist, and both may even be suspects.

Was this an accident? Where did the drugs come from? How did the victim get them? The questions point to one answer, but there is something missing. The key lies in Nick’s memory and a single photo.

But will anyone believe him?

He has a concussion. He’s behind on his assignment. And even Sandra thinks this time, he may be wrong. Will he convince them of what he knows to be true? Or has his hunch finally led him down the wrong path?

The Third Capital City Muders Compilation, South by Southwest, Avaiable Now!

Nick has traveled the southwest!

From Salt Lake to Phoenix, from Phoenix to Santa Fe, Nick’s journey continues! He’s been poisoned, knocked out, and stung by a wasp.

At every turn, he’s solved a difficult case.

But when he reaches Oklahoma City, everything changes. He’s not only a witness, but Nick also is a victim, and the solution will threaten everything he knows and may change his life forever.

Read books 11-15 in the Capital City Murders series, all in one volume. 

You won’t want to miss this section of Nick’s epic journey to photograph every state capitol building, one week at a time. 

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“I’m enjoying the journey across the country with Nick and his camera, finding dead bodies and solving crimes. 50 Capitals. 50 Murders. 50 Months. I’ll be with Troy Lambert and Stuart Gustafson as they explore each state capital in this fun series of novella mysteries, each one the perfect size for an evening’s read” 

— Bruce DeLaney, co-owner of Rediscovered Books 

About the Author of Capital City Murders

Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert is a freelance writer, editor, and prolific mystery and thriller author. He’s been published over two dozen times in fiction and has written over 30 books including ghostwriting several non-fiction titles.

You can learn more about Troy Lambert on his website, and be sure to check out his author page on Amazon.

Stuart Gustafson came up with the original idea for Capital City Murders. He presented the idea to Troy Lambert in April of 2019 as a collaborative project. He’s stepped away at the moment to focus on family health.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors, and thank him for sharing the original idea and helping get the series started.

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Nick is driving a car across the country, stopping for gas regularly, visiting restaurants in every single capital city, staying at hotels, using a camera, a computer, and more.

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