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Samuel Elijah Johnson is a man with a Juris doctorate he earned while incarcerated. But as the prison doors swing open, he’s faced with a choice he can’t refuse – a chance to help an innocent man.

Arthur Creed is a church-goer grappling with forbidden desires. The scriptures guide him, yet his heart leads him astray.

Randy is an accountant entangled in a dangerous game of altered books and entwined with a crooked boss. When he digs deeper, he and his family are both threatened.

In a collision of destinies, their lives converge in a monumental case that reshapes everything.

Guilt Isn’t Always Black and White.

What defines innocence, and who holds the power to judge guilt? The truth ensnares Sam, presenting an impossible dilemma even after betrayal and lies unfold.

As truly innocent lives hang in the balance, Sam grapples with upholding the law while preserving his integrity.

Time is ticking, and the stakes are high.

The case is just the beginning – Sam faces not only danger but a moral quandary that tests his very soul.

With a solution in sight, but a terrible one, Sam must navigate a path where success could have unintended consequences. Can he alter the outcome without compromising the law? Twists and turns abound, keeping you guessing until the gripping conclusion.

Welcome to the Samuel Elijah Johnson Series – a dark psychological legal thriller that delves into crime’s shadows, legal intricacies, and an ending that defies expectations. I

If you crave a story with suspenseful twists and an unpredictable finale, Redemption awaits. Grab your copy and embark on this riveting journey today!

*Contains adult content, themes, and situations. Reader discretion advised


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