Karen and the Black Hills of Death eBook

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Cthulhu’s Ex-Wife Wants Half His Stuff

Having fled the land of the Great Old Ones, Cthulhu is being pursued by Idh-yaa and his old nemesis Gestalt. To hide his assets he needs to move some treasure he hid years ago in the Black Hills of South Dakota. If only he could remember exactly where he hid it…

Karen to the Rescue

His girlfriend Karen can help though. With her thorough understanding of how to maniplulate people, she will speak to all the managers necessary to find, and keep the treasure out of the hands of his greedy ex, and in hers.

Kansas and the Lawyer

But things get complicated when treasure hunter Kansas Smith decides he, too, wants the riches Cthulhu has hidden, and a lawyer sees the opportunity of a lifetime. The chase is on, and when Cthulhu can’t outrun them all, he has to join forces with sworn enemies, or at least appear to.

Will Karen and Cthulhu find the treasure, and true love, in the heart of the Black Hills? Or will their enemies beat them to it? You won’t know until the final breathtaking page!

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