Are you stuck somewhere in your plot?

Are you stuck in your plot? Have you written yourself into a corner or you are not sure where to go from here? Well, don’t worry. I can help you figure it out. There are tools we can use, rules we can apply, and even books and other resources you can explore on your own. 

Have a quick question? Choose the 15-minute consultation below (one per person, please). I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can in that time, and get you headed back on the right track. 

Need more? I also offer a one-hour consultation at my normal freelance rate of $75 an hour. We can explore your plot in detail, find holes, potential problems, and even work on your outline a bit to get you back on track. I really want you to succeed as an author, so I am here to help. 

No matter where you are, from planning to nearly finished or even re-writing, sometimes a little plot help is all you need. You might be surprised at the ways just a little change can make your story a stellar one. Click one of the buttons below, and choose the help you need.