Plotting Coaching and Support

Plotting Help and Support

Look, one of the secrets to success in today’s writing world is you need to be able to write more, faster. Production. The faster you write, the more time you have to dedicate to marketing and other business activities while working on your next book.

That’s why I’m really bullish on being able to plan your books quickly and write faster. That all starts with plotting. You’ll learn about the main elements of story:

  • An interesting character
  • In an interesting place
  • Doing interesting things
  • In an interesting way

You also need a beginning, middle, and an end to your story. Events must happen at a certain order at a certain pace.

Once you complete these seven steps, as detailed or as loose of an outline as you want to create, you will be ready to write.

7 Steps to Plotting Your Novel Quickly will help you plot swiftly, write faster, and earn more.

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