Chanticleer  Authors Conference

Join me this April 27-30 in Bellingham, Washington for the Chanticleer Authors Conference. I’ll be joining a whole slate of great speakers, from Maggie Marr and Eric Lucas to Tana Hope and Beth Bacon and Michelle Cox. You won’t want to miss out. Register today!

Learn to Use Save the Cat Effectively!

Join author and Teacher Jessica Brody for a 2-hour workshop on March 11th from 12 -2 p.m. Replay will be available if you cannot attend in person. $47 for non-members and $37 for members. Register today using the button below!

One Day Workshop!!

The day before LTUE in Provo, Utah, join me for a one-day workshop! We’ll be covering SEO for authors.  As an author, your greatest asset is your website and your email list. But what do you do with that website?

After all, there are thousands of author websites out there? How do you stand out? What makes your website different? SEO, that’s how!

Learn the power of keywords, search engine optimization, and content marketing in this unique workshop designed to make the technical world of SEO accessible to any author! 

Sign up today, and I look forward to seeing you in Utah!

Join us at the Idaho Writers Guild annual conference!

This year, the keynote speaker is Craig Johnson, and there will be a whole host of agents, editors, and other writers for you to network with and learn from.

Join us for one of the best conferences in the Northwest, and find your tribe and map out your author journey! 

A cruise through Plottr with some advice for authors.

Here is my conversation with the Indy Author Podcast about Plottr, planning, and complete with a demo and walk through. check it out for yourself. 

TPC #029: Troy Lambert on Plottr Software

Do you plot, pants, or something in between when writing your books? On the show today is Troy Lambert the primary educator for Plottr Software. Troy is also a freelance writer, mystery author, multi-genre editor, and non-fiction author and ghostwriter as well, Troy has a wealth of experience and knowledge. In this episode, Ryan and Troy explore the difference between plotting, organic writing, and why it doesn’t matter all that much. Troy is a prolific writer and shares his experience of writing 30+ novels, and how Plottr can help in the process.