Plottr Coaching

Are you ready to create your story, but you’re not sure how to outline it effectively? Do you have the software Plottr, but you never have figured out quite how to use it? Or are you simply a little lost, and need a nudge in the right direction?

I can help you. I’ve plotted dozens of stories in Plottr, and yours can be next. I’ll help you through the process as much as you want. Hourly coaching available, or you can choose a project package. Click here to learn more!

Plottr for Discovery Writers

But I’m a discovery writer, you say. “I don’t plot, I just write into the dark. 

Plottr can help you, too. Do you want to write one second draft rather than two or three or more? Do you want to make sure your second draft is spot on when it comes to plot and pacing? You can, and Plotter can help. 

You’ll dissect your story, putting each scene on a timeline, adding character and setting, and then you’ll look at the shape of your story. Do you have extra scenes? Do you have missing scenes or story elements? Do we need to move some things around? 

Plotter can help you figure that out, and make your revision process much more efficient. Check out the video from Thursdays with Troy to learn more.

Editing with Plottr

Plottr for editing? I thought this was a visual outlining software? Well, it is, and that offers a great advantage for both authors and editors when it is time to see how well you did at writing to your outline. 

Want to work with an editor who already understands Plottr and can help you see how your story structure matches up? We’re developing a network of editors who can help you. Want to learn more? Click the button below!

Available Now!

Want to plot your next novel swiftly? Want to write faster, enabling you to earn more? Then this is the book for you. 

Best news of all? It’s FREE. That’s right, no charge, nada, nothing. You can get this free eBook simply for joining my email list for writers. 

I’ll never spam you or send you things you don’t want, just solid writing advice from time to time, industry updates, and other opportunities to learn. 

In this book you will learn the major things every story must have.

  • An interesting character
  • In an interesting place
  • Doing interesting things
  • In an interesting way

Your story must also have a beginning, middle, and an end. Then we’ll to talk about plot, pacing, and when everything happens. 

Does this sound like something you need? Do you want support and help from other authors who may be struggling in similar ways? 

Then grab your free copy and join our writing community today! Come over to the dark side. We have cookies. (seriously, I think this website has cookies). 

Set Up an Appointment Now!

You can schedule your own appointment. If you want to schedule a FREE fifteen-minute consultation, I’ll talk to you about your project and how we might be able to work with each other.

Or if you think you are ready to chat about your book project, and how Plottr might help you from the planning process to editing, click the Plottr consultation button. 

I look forward to working with you and being a part of your author success.