The Final Book in the Samuel Elijah Johnson Trilogy

His mother is dead, but her beliefs and his past still haunt him.

Samuel Elijah Johnson has found redemption from prison. He’s resisted the temptation of money and fame that he could have had. But one thing from his past simply won’t let him go.

Sam’s mother believed he was some kind of Messiah, but he discovers she was not alone. There is an entire church that shares her beliefs, some of which are darker than he ever knew. One of their leaders has founded a new kind of prison. 

Confession is glorified. Obedience is demanded. Transgressions are punished severely. The guilty are made to pay the ultimate price.

Will Sam accept his birthright and join their leaders? Or will he find the strength to walk away, only to find that someone is willing to kill for his final confession?

This exciting religious thriller concludes the Samuel Elijah Johnson series and will have you turning page after page until the very end.

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Samuel Elijah Johnson went to jail and took the time to educate himself. He got his Juris Doctorate and became a lawyer. When he gets out, he can’t help but wonder what is next. In his efforts to help a friend, three worlds collide. Can any of them find Redemption?

Then Sam must face his ultimate challenge. Is being a lawyer about the money and the things he wants? Or is it about his ideals? He’ll find out when he’s faced with Temptation.

Finally, Samuel Elijah Johnson must come face to face with his past. He knew his mother thought he was something he was not, but why? When he faces his final challenge, he’ll have to do one thing to survive: make his Confession.

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Troy Lambert Writes?

That’s right. Troy wanted to be a writer from the young age of 6 when he wrote the as yet unpublished George and the Giant Castle. However, as he grew into his teenage years, he was told over and over by school counselors and others that he wouldn’t ever make a living as a writer. So he believed them.

After nearly two and a half decades and an extensive collection of hairnets and nametags, he decided to get serious and figure out how to write for money. His first big paying gig was for the Federal government. 

During that time he wrote three novels, countless freelance assignments, worked as an acquisitions editor, managing editor, and senior editor for a publisher. He then went freelance before slowing his editing business to concentrate on writing. 

He’s now written over two-dozen novels, been published by three publishers, self-published several works, and started his own non-fiction publishing company with friend and business partner Jerry Mooney. 

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