Guilty: One Writer’s Journey

You don’t become a writer. You can become a published author, a success, or find another way to get paid for your writing. Those things are all possible, and reasonable goals. But you cannot become something you either are or are not.I wrote my first book at age six, and pretty much read … Continue reading

Good Shepherd Mulligan

Look at the word count to the right of the page. See the Good Shepherd? There were a lot of words on that bar. They’re all gone.That’s right. I am starting over. Even though I have said before that going backwards is rarely a good idea. In this case I think it is. I have started and stopped … Continue reading

Labor Day

Labor DayIt’s the first Labor Day when I have been working a day job in quite a few years. Well, I did work at a museum. But it wasn’t quite the same. I king of set my own hours, and I was so passionate about what I did, I almost would have done it for free.I’ve been a freelancer … Continue reading

Guest Post: No More Words by Jim Lambert

Today I have a special guest: Jim Lambert, a friend, sci-fi writer, and a fellow Terry Pratchett fan. Despite sharing our last name, we are not related. At least not that we know of. It has become a standard joke and greeting at parties: the Lamberts, not related. When Sir Pratchett died, both of … Continue reading

Art as a Business

I took a day off yesterday. In fact, I have been less busy the first part of this year on purpose. But I did a little "work" yesterday, if you want to call it that. I had a Skype call with one author who I greatly respect, and who does one thing we all want to do: sells books.Then I had lunch … Continue reading