Here, Taste This

What Scotch Night can teach us about Books and Reading There were perhaps a dozen of us, although I never got a definite head count. And there were at least a dozen bottles of Scotch on the bar. Plus a Japanese whiskey. It was a tasting party, so no, we did not plan to drink […]

The Muse is Free

You put someone in a box long enough, without light, food, or water soon they embrace darkness, and it becomes part of them. But that’s not what I did. A part of me revealed itself, and I let it play in the sunshine, let it run around in the light, smell the air, laugh and […]

Eat, Write, Love

My wife and I have shared 13 Valentine’s Days together. But we have been together almost 15 years. That seems like one Valentine Day short doesn’t it? (Okay it seems like two, but we started dating March 5th, after Valentine’s Day 1999). It is. We were separated for one. Still, we shared some things that […]

I Could Kill You (If I Wanted To)

Confessions of a Crime/Suspense Thriller Writer I don’t usually write long blog posts (no one reads them) and my posts usually focus on writers and writing. Sometimes they focus on something else related to my books of interest to my readers. This one is a little different, and perhaps this title is ill-advised. At the […]

Intentional Writing

Many of you have heard me speak at writer’s groups about a thing I am calling intentional writing. None of the concepts are new, I’m just pulling them together to try to define something without offending anyone. Because there clearly are at least two classes of writers, and the difference is difficult to define without […]

The Hybrid Theory: A Case for Small Press

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while, but what pushed me to it this time was Hugh Howey’s excellent post about Brenna Aubrey who turned down a six-figure contract deal to self-publish, and found the gamble worked. Sure, her spectacular results are atypical, but I wanted to answer Hugh’s points about self-publishing with […]

Why I Gave Money Away

And what happened when I did. I’ve been a part of charity anthologies before. I’ve given stories to causes, and even put stories in anthologies just for the exposure. However, I  never actually wrote one of my own stories and decided to see how much money I could raise for charity with it, until “The […]

Houston: No More Problems

January 1999 It was a horrible time. I was confused, depressed, and felt rejected by family, friends, and seriously doubted my sanity. Good things came out of that time: I found the woman I am married to still, I started writing again, and I got a new dog. For nearly 10 years, he was one […]

The Year in Review: Advice from Working at Home

This was a transition year for me. One from writing at home part time and working part time to writing and working in publishing at home full time. We moved, from a place I love, to Kuna, a small town just outside Boise, Idaho. I miss that place, but in the transition, I learned a […]

A Christmas Thank You

Every year, writers write these things, like a bulk Christmas card, and fans go yeah, yeah, yeah. Get back to writing books already. And you’re right. The Thank You letters are overdone, but this one is different, I promise. Thanks to the fans: I do love you guys, and in those moments when I want […]