The Dirge of Distraction

I try to be a helpful guy, sharing with others the things I have learned the hard way, so they do not have to experience the same pain I have. I hope it frees them to make mistakes of their own. But there are times when being helpful becomes a huge distraction, and I lose […]

The World of Plenty

What Traditional Publishing Taught Us about Abundance vs. Scarcity At 14, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I decided this rather publically. At the time, I was confused about what that meant. Hell, we all were. You not only had to be good to break into the business, but you had to be […]

The Greatest Story Ever Told

There are religious people who will argue otherwise, but I would argue that the greatest story ever told simply has not been told yet. In fact, you may be the one to write it. There is only one way we will ever find out. We need to keep writing. Write every day. I know it […]

The “Easy “ Life

There are times when I understand why authors used to, years ago, simply retreat from the world to do what they loved most: write. The publicity, the marketing, even the personal appearances went away once they reached a certain level of success. I’m on a different path: if anything I feel too visible at times. […]

The Debate is the Distraction

In one of my seminars, I make the blanket statement that publishing is not changing. It has already changed. The new paradigm is still working itself out in many ways, so in that sense, many things are still changing. But many more have already, and will never go back to the way they were before. […]


One of the greatest things you can do to improve your work is to share it with others before it is “done.” In fact, you could even allow someone else to contribute to it, or you could contribute to theirs. Even when the writing is done, and the dreaded edits have been completed, you could […]

Time Off

I’m a hard worker. I’m not bragging, more confessing. I am a workaholic. I’d go to meetings to try to find a cure, but who has time for that, right? Then this last weekend I took off to Garibaldi, Oregon to share a booth with a friend and fellow author at their sole annual festival, […]


  A poem that encapsulates the Samuel Elijah Johnson series.  You can see a video version here. Enjoy! The audio version is below. Trapped. Stained glass, iron bars. Wooden pews and metal cots. Hymnals with cardboard covers and leather clad Gideon Bibles. Words freed from both, one with sweet voices, one with shouts of fury […]

Learning from Reading

I don’t have a degree. Not a bachelors or a masters. No PhD. In fact, I don’t even have an associate degree. Yet I have held a number of job positions that “required” a college degree. I work as an editor, and I often teach. Many times those in the audience hold higher degrees than […]

Show me Your Weakness

We all like strong characters. Yet we don’t. You know what I mean. Well, maybe you won’t, but you will soon. I’ve actually posted about believability before, but this is a little different. Here are some examples. Rocky Balboa. Determination. Drive. The incredible ability to take a punch, and with a cut below the eye, […]