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How To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh This Summer

When it comes to looking after your car one of the hardest things to do is keep your car smelling fresh during the summer months. With the warm weather making things difficult, you may find that your car is much harder to clean through June, July and August. Whilst it may seem impossible to stay on top of it, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure your car is a pleasure to be in. With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your car smelling fresh this summer: 


  • Make Sure You’re Clearing Out Any Rubbish


One of the best things you can do to improve the cleanliness of your car during summer is ensure you’re cleaning out any rubbish. Whilst you may need to store rubbish in there during the day, taking it with you at the end of the night is the best way to ensure that there is no chance of it smelling in the morning. In some cases, it also helps avoid and spillages that can take weeks to clean. If you struggle to remember, try setting an alarm on your phone for the time that you usually arrive home. 


  • Don’t Store Food In There During The Heat


Another great way to avoid any unwanted smells is to ensure you’re not storing any food in your car when it’s warm outside. Not only will it make your food inedible, but it will also spread bacteria and odours that are hard to get rid of. If you do need to store food during the day, buy yourself a cooler for your car. Not only will this give you a place to store your food tidily, but it will help ensure there are not bad smells spreading whilst you’re gone. 


  • Clean It Out As Often As You Can


Although you should be cleaning your car regularly in all seasons, ensuring you do so throughout the summer months is even more important. Set a specific time of the week where you dedicate an hour or so to cleaning the interior of your car and you will start to notice a difference in cleanliness straightaway. If you spill anything or notice an unusual smell, clean it up straight away. For tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning your car, you can visit this site here. 


  • Use An Air Freshener To Mask Smells


If you are worried about smells in your car or you have a lot of regular passengers, you may want to consider using a car air freshener to mask anything bad. Whether you purchase one from the store or you use a branded one you picked up at an event, you will notice the difference it makes almost instantly. For more information about Custom Fresheners, you can visit this site here. 


  • Drive With The Windows Down And Avoid Air Conditioning


Finally, if you think that there is something causing a bad smell in your car you may want to consider driving with the windows down to help air it out. If you use the air conditioning you will find that you’re just circulating the odour, rather than getting rid of it. 

Do you struggle to keep your car smelling fresh in the summer? What can you do to ensure you keep it clean this year? Let me know in the comments section below. 


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Writing Again

It’s been a rough and glorious year. Rough, because a divorce that was imminent and nearly inevitable came to pass. Several unanticipated things came with it, including drama with my children, my dog, and of course some of my friends and family.

There was other drama too. Stuff I won’t delve into here. If you want to know more you’ll need to get me drunk, and if I am going to spill secrets I need really expensive Scotch. A bottle or two will do nicely.

The summer was a dry spell in the writing department. I did some, but I never got into a routine. There was no flow. The novel(s) I was working on stopped, the story went stale. I started a new one, but never made the time to get in deep. The same with novellas. A lot of fun was had, but my life was missing something, and it started to show.

I’ve shared before that when I am not writing, I am a real ass. (Read my poem, I am an Asshole) A professional relationship I had for a long time ended, and I moved on to other things. But reality also started to hit. My son would soon be living with me full time, I needed to get a place for my dog and my little family.

At the same time, I was in a new relationship. The summer felt like one long vacation, with trip after trip and one social event after another. My time was invested in other things, and my creativity only somewhat satisfied.

Close to broke, with book sales at an all-time low, in large part due to my lack of marketing, I decided I needed to do a couple of things. First, I needed a day job of some sort. Child support was slow in coming, and debt piled up.

Second, I needed to refocus on my writing. There are stories to tell. So many stories.

The first few weeks of this time, adjusting to a new schedule, a new job, my son and girlfriend both back in school, were rough. Frankly, I was spinning out, and everything felt like it was out of control.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen I have been blogging about all kinds of things, everywhere. The pump has been primed by work. I am writing a humor column, and about GIS, cycling, and other things I am interested in. The words are bottled up, waiting to flow.

And I am ready. My fingers rest on the keys, burning. I cannot type fast enough. Poetry is flowing, stories are being born, old ones being revitalized.

I have been asleep. In a cocoon. Not anymore. I am emerging, a new butterfly, a reborn man, and a refreshed writer.

I hope you are ready. Watch out words. Here I come.


A Review: The Barley Brothers Traveling Beer Show

HotblondeThis week, we met some friends at Brewforia, a restaurant in Meridian. Great food and great beer. The next afternoon, when I was simply no longer being productive, I trolled my Facebook feed, and saw a competition for some free tickets to the Barley Brother’s Traveling Beer Show sponsored by Brewforia, given away by Move2Boise, a great service we used when we moved to Kuna this spring. We had company this weekend, and I thought it would be a good event to take her to while my wife slept off night shift.

I won! The tickets would have cost me $35 apiece, so it was a relief to get them for nothing. Here’s how the event works: for your money you get a wristband and a sample cup, and you wander around to various tents, sampling whatever kind of beer each booth offers. It’s essentially an open beer bar featuring some of the best regional offerings. In addition, there are food vendors, and some great music.

The Good: Good? This event was fantastic. Food from The Grind? Great! And I found one of the best beers I’ve ever tried, not that those from Payette, Sockeye, Crooked Fence, and Grand Teton weren’t stellar. But Barley Brown’s Hot Blonde? It complements any beef or Mexican dish. If I could get in in bottles I would. Made with a blend of lemon grass, lime zest and jalapeños, it left an aftertaste that deserved to be savored. The beer itself could serve as a marinade for steaks, or even be injected in a roast.

102_4735The Bad: I was informed the tickets would be in will-call. Move2Boise has been great to me, so I anticipated no issues. However, they couldn’t find my name. Tatiana Martz, general manager of Brewforia even said with some irritation that she hadn’t even talked to anyone about the contest. I was ready to just go home, but I messaged Move2Boise on Facebook and called the rep we worked with when we relocated. After contacting Robb, the owner, and Michelle, the PR person who set up the contest, she insisted she had talked to Tatiana, and our tickets would be in will call. After a series of phone calls, we went back over. Still no luck. The general manager still denied talking to Michelle, and denied knowing about any contest.  Suddenly, after a third or fourth look, the volunteer found our names, and handed over the tickets. Whew! Tatiana? Still snotty and aloof. No apologies. If I’d paid for the tickets and they hadn’t found my name, and I’d been treated like I was trying to scam my way in, I would’ve been livid. In her defe3nse, I was wearing my Dude Abides shirt, so she may have assumed I was ‘between careers.’ Still, the experience and the customer service getting tickets? Horrible.

There is no Ugly: Would I go again? You bet. Next time I would even pay for tickets. After about 15 samples I switched to water since I had to drive home. Next year? A cab ride for sure. Sorry Tatiana and Brewforia, I won’t be putting my tickets in will call though. I’ll pay at the door, thanks. Although you have some nice folks working for you too, I’m not sure your restaurant/bar stayed in my top ten so far in Boise.

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