How To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh This Summer

When it comes to looking after your car one of the hardest things to do is keep your car smelling fresh during the summer months. With the warm weather making things difficult, you may find that your car is much harder to clean through June, July and August. Whilst it may seem impossible to stay […]

Writing Again

It’s been a rough and glorious year. Rough, because a divorce that was imminent and nearly inevitable came to pass. Several unanticipated things came with it, including drama with my children, my dog, and of course some of my friends and family. There was other drama too. Stuff I won’t delve into here. If you […]

A Review: The Barley Brothers Traveling Beer Show

This week, we met some friends at Brewforia, a restaurant in Meridian. Great food and great beer. The next afternoon, when I was simply no longer being productive, I trolled my Facebook feed, and saw a competition for some free tickets to the Barley Brother’s Traveling Beer Show sponsored by Brewforia, given away by Move2Boise, […]