Time Off

I’m a hard worker. I’m not bragging, more confessing. I am a workaholic. I’d go to meetings to try to find a cure, but who has time for that, right? Then this last weekend I took off to Garibaldi, Oregon to share a booth with a friend and fellow author at their sole annual festival, […]


  A poem that encapsulates the Samuel Elijah Johnson series.  You can see a video version here. Enjoy! The audio version is below. Trapped. Stained glass, iron bars. Wooden pews and metal cots. Hymnals with cardboard covers and leather clad Gideon Bibles. Words freed from both, one with sweet voices, one with shouts of fury […]

The Muse is Free

You put someone in a box long enough, without light, food, or water soon they embrace darkness, and it becomes part of them. But that’s not what I did. A part of me revealed itself, and I let it play in the sunshine, let it run around in the light, smell the air, laugh and […]

A Christmas Thank You

Every year, writers write these things, like a bulk Christmas card, and fans go yeah, yeah, yeah. Get back to writing books already. And you’re right. The Thank You letters are overdone, but this one is different, I promise. Thanks to the fans: I do love you guys, and in those moments when I want […]

The Flashback

Thirteen years ago. October 13, 2000. I rounded a corner. A Toyota pickup turned left in front of me, and I hit it at 45 mph. I ruined my bike, a CB750 I was lovingly restoring, and the freshly painted gas tank I’d just picked up and installed. Broke the front forks and the triple-trees. […]

Writing to Music

Do you write to music? I do, often a variety depending on my mood. Today a few friends and I talked about it over on Red River Radio. You can stream the show here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/rrradio/2013/12/09/rfk-dellanis-tea-time Below are my answers, with appropriate video links. The links can all be found in my rather schizophrenic YouTube playlist […]

A Peek at my TBR List: Lessons Learned

I’m sitting here, typing with a rather sore hand, and so last night I decided that today might be a good time to catch up on video edits (that I can do with one hand) and on my To Be Read list. In the middle of the night, while waiting for more ibuprofen to kick […]

Show Me a Story

We all love storytellers. My grandfather was one, and a good one. How do you tell a good story from a bad one? One thing makes the difference for me, and I bet it is for you too. My 11 year old is a story teller too, but he has yet to perfect the craft. […]

The Write Software: Mac vs. PC

This post is not to add fuel to the big overall debate of Mac vs. PC. It’s to explore it in only one area, that of writing. Also, it will not be conclusive. Why? There’s no “write” answer. There is a right answer for you, but your choice may not be the same as someone […]