Why Independent Publishing Isn’t

It was 2009, and we all thought the “indie revolution” would be the death of the big publishers. Agents would be useless. Editors would all be freelancers. Small presses would take over the niches, offering better royalties, better contracts, and higher royalties. but “independent publishing” didn’t turn out to be what we thought it would. […]

Editor Earnings Part One

There is a certain rise in awareness of the difficulty in making a living writing, or in the publishing industry in general. Recently I began to take a survey of editors, letting them report what they are really earning, and later this week, I will tally the results. If you want to take the survey […]

An Argument for Collaboration

“I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation.” – Bo Bennett Self-publishing has been around for a long time, but the ease that technology adds to the process has changed the face of publishing forever, and the business of writing is […]

The World of Plenty

What Traditional Publishing Taught Us about Abundance vs. Scarcity At 14, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I decided this rather publically. At the time, I was confused about what that meant. Hell, we all were. You not only had to be good to break into the business, but you had to be […]

Don’t Let Me Get Me

Don’t let me get me I’m my own worst enemy It’s bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don’t wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else  -Pink Amazon is not the problem with publishing any more that cars are the problem with accidents, shovels cause holes, or Google causes porn.  True, […]