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Barnes and Noble will Probably Follow Waterstones Formula

It’s been a year of speculation about Barnes and Noble and their future, which quite honestly looked pretty bleak. Essentially the old management and ownership weren’t ready to step into the modern publishing age and learn to compete with Amazon. And the way to do that, it turns out, comes from Amazon and their physical […]

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Six Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out To Clients

Running a business is not an easy thing to do. You have a lot of plates to balance, from clients you work with to the customers who want something from you. On top of that, you’ve got to keep the business running successfully and stand out among all the other companies in your industry. Every company will claim to be the best in their field, with the top customers being told that everyone is number one. You could spend all the time in the world building a brand that people can relate to, but that’s not going to make you the best in the world.

A big part of being the best business out there relies on your image and how people perceive you and what you do. So, you need to stand out from the crowd as best you can, with your brand and the way that you deal with people, you want to make your business stand out to your clients. Here’s how you can do it with six tips!

  1. Legendary Customer Service. Your people on the phone who are providing the customer service need to be perfect. They need to think they’re being treated like royalty – it’s the only way to create a loyal customer base who care about what you’re selling and what you’re doing for them. If you don’t have the right customer service, you’re not going to have customers at all.
  2. Face Mistakes. People love a business who own their mistakes and learn from them. If you make a mistake, publicize it, own it, apologize and move forward. You’ll be respected.
  3. Keep A Clean House. Your business location should be impeccable, from the carpets to the wiring. Everything should be ship-shape, particularly if you’re going to have customers and clients in the building. Bring in the right janitorial cleaning company, and you’re not going to have to worry about it anymore. Cleaning may be low on the agenda, but it’s a must!
  4. Stay Honest. Your customers deserve your honesty, so be as honest as possible about your services and products on offer. Don’t ever tell fibs about what you can offer; you WILL get caught out and pulled up on it, and that’s just embarrassing!
  5. Be Innovative. Coming up with new products and diversifying is essential for your development as a business. You want to continue to solve problems for your customers, and you can only do that with something impressive.
  6. Use Your Voice. Be the company that blogs with content stuffed with humor. Be the company that vlogs the silly days in the office and lets people see the real business behind you. You have a voice, and you should use it.

Each of these points will help you to impress your clients and make your business somewhere that they would want to interact. Take a moment and make a list: your business needs to make waves, and you have the power to do it.

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Writing is a Business

As I often say, and as I stress in my new book, Writing as a Business, coming soon, writing is a business. If you have published a book, you now have a product to sell. That means you have started a business, and you are an entrepreneur. Congratulations! “But I am not a good business […]

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Busting The Myths Of Marketing And Making It Beneficial To Your Business

Marketing is essentially an important aspect of your business. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, how much people may benefit from the service you provide, or whether or not you can keep up with trade to trade dealings, without good marketing, you are likely to not be attractive to potential customers and clients. It’s a fact! We all respond to advertising in some way. So how do we ensure that we can get this strategy right within the business? Here’s are some of the things that you can consider.

The old methods are still viable

Years ago, the only method of advertising was the billboards you saw whilst stuck in traffic, the press ads you read while enjoying your Sunday paper and the leaflet that got pushed through the letterbox during the week. These days a lot is done online, but businesses are still seeing the power in some of these older methods. This can cork exceptionally well when wanting to focus on the potential customer base within your local community. Customers are now wanting to support small businesses and people who are local so this can be a great way to capitalize on that.

Ensuring you don’t waste marketing budgets

No business has a never-ending marketing budget to play with, so it is up to you to find out what works for your business, what benefits you the most, and to ensure that the people that you are prospecting are viable sources and are not spam. Sometimes taking extra precautions can work in your favor, such as phone carrier lookup. This is when you will be able to ensure that numbers that you are prospecting or sending information to are viable prospects and not spam numbers generated. Marketing budgets can also be analyzed by working out what areas attracted the most revenue in terms of turning a prospect into a sale.

Prospecting customers

Cold calling is often something that businesses like to avoid these days as people are becoming less inclined to take a call when they least expect it. It can infuriate them which means they are less likely to want to use your business in the future. However, prospecting can be done thought people who have given their contact details to you and would be considered as a hot prospect as they have already shown interest. Do you make the most of these in your business?

Influencer marketing

Social media has really taken force recently and so has the rise of influencer marketing. This is somebody who has an engaged audience, that you can then use to advertise your product or service. It is more specific and it can give off great results. There are many businesses who are looking to use influencers online these days, and it can be extremely appealing to the customer.

Humanizing your social media

On the subject of social media, it is also important that you developed the right strategy for your output. Marketing can be extremely beneficial using social media and there are many platforms that you can utilize. The specific ones tend to be the best such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The way you can humanize your business profiles a little more is to consider how you reposed. Making sure that you engage with your audience and also respond to message directly or through the comments. Last of all make sure that the content that you share isn’t always just about your business and sales opportunities. The art of getting an engaged audience is to ensure that you keep them interested in you and your business. This means that you could share things to do with your industry, information, and tips, as well as sales, focused posts.

Image source

Having a marketing strategy in place for physical advertising

Social media may be an essential part of marketing these days, but it isn’t your only option that you should consider. Physical advertising is a still an important player in your marketing strategy, and these include things such as press advertising and leaflets. This can be extremely targeted, to your local area or on a more national level, depending on your budget and the reach you are wanting to achieve. A good mix of traditional forms of advertising mixed with new options can be a great way to really entice customers in from all directions. There will be people out there that still don’t use social media as actively as you may assume.

Keeping things organic online

Your online presence is important, there is no denying that. But at the same time, there is a huge temptation these days to take shortcuts online when building your profile and platform. These days you can use software to helps with likes and follows. You can use bots to help increase your following and you can even buy followers. On the surface, it looks great, but as people delve in it also looks suspicious. It can also be deceiving to people as they follow and unfollow game is rife these days, and this can actually paint your business in a bad light rather than something positive. It is always going to be best to keep things organic. Building your following with an engaged audience and being active within your profile. It may take longer, but in the long term, you as a business will benefit more.

What works for your business?

Have you figured out what works for your business? Sometimes it is worth taking the time to do reports and look at ways to ensure that you actively spend marketing budgets in the right way. Could you say what brings in the most customers when it comes to your advertising?

Making customer service a priority on the back of good marketing

Finally, customer service is an important element, and on the back of obtaining that customer thought good marketing ventures, you now need to ensure that you keep the customer happy and involved through the customer service side of things. Good customer service will help you to generate word of mouth of advertising through recommendations, which is something a marketing budget cannot buy.

Let’s hope these myths help you to make marketing beneficial to your business.

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Advanced Amazon SEO Tactics You Need to Know

Amazon has made many businesses a lot of money. Its unprecedented growth has transformed the world of eCommerce.

And yet with all this, sellers are facing more competition than ever. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a product on page 1, let alone becoming the top-ranking product.

This is why we are writing this article. 

Here are some of the best Amazon SEO tactics you need to know to get your products further up the SERPs.

Become familiar with how Amazon ranks in the first place

Amazon’s product ranking system is controlled by an algorithm named A9. A9 uses simple keywords as the major part of their ranking criteria.

To quote them directly:

“Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy them, and searching is the primary way they can do that.

Customers search by entering keywords, which are matched against the information (title, description, and so on) that you provide for a product. 

Factors such as degree of text match, price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. 

By providing relevant and complete information for your product, you can increase your product’s visibility and sales.”

So, to rank a product on Amazon, the product listing must aim to meet each of these points.

Optimize the product title

If your product title is not optimized, you are going to be losing out on a lot of sales. The product title has a big impact in terms of rankings.

Titles must include product keywords, your brand name and a brief description eg the color and size.

Keywords are by far the most important aspect of a product title. They must relevant to the product, so it appears when searched for. If you have a few short and longtail keywords, use the primary keywords for the product title.

This is where keyword research and selection become very important. You should be using an Amazon tracking software that keeps an eye on how well a keyword performs for your product.

The best product listings have their most relevant keywords at the beginning of the title. This is because customers can quickly tell that your product is what they’re after and A9 likes relevant keywords in the title as early as possible.

The more that you can satisfy what A9 wants from a product listing, the better.

Optimise the product features and descriptions

Product features play a large role in conversions. This section should focus around what the product does, rather than how it benefits the customer from using it. You should be looking to use secondary keywords in the product features section.

Another thing you need to know is that the features must be written in bullet point form. This makes it far easier for a customer to scan through and read what the product does.

Now for the descriptions.

This is the section where you say why the customer should buy your product, describing all the benefits they will get from using it. Like the features, the description is also important in terms of increasing conversions. 

If possible, try and incorporate some high-quality images of the product. These should be different from the lead product images and focus on it being used.

If applicable, include a link back to your website in this section. From an SEO perspective, this affordable link building tactic (we say affordable, it’s free!) places a link in a very authoritative site, boosting rankings in Google at the same time.

Encourage product reviews

Amazon is very much aware that people will buy products that are favored by past purchasers.  Having great product reviews are key to getting your product higher in the rankings.

Reviews are essentially social proof that you have a good product. Amazon is looking for products that have a high number of reviews because they realize it will sell more, which makes them money.

Products that have both a high number of reviews and high ratings boost conversions. 

There are several ways you can get people to leave a review, the simplest being just by asking.

Once a sale has completed leave it at least a week for before following up with the customer to leave a review.

For newer Amazon seller stores, take a look at Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program.  This is a service provided by Amazon that is aimed at getting new products reviewed.

Amazon reaches out to a random number of customers who have bought the product and asks them if they would be interested in writing a review.  They will offer a small incentive to that customer in return.

Amazon will only contact customers that have an honest record when it comes to previous reviews.  You can be sure that their opinion will be genuine.

If you’re going to use other methods to encourage reviews, be sure to check Amazon’s Terms of Service beforehand.  The last thing you need is your account banned from selling activities, with little to no chance of successful appeals.

Back end search terms

The search terms section is only shown in the back-end of the listings. There is a lot of debate around this section, but honestly, it is something that does not need to be complicated.

Simply place your primary keywords in this section, entering only one keyword per line. 

Remember to not only input keywords people are searching, but change these if you find that, for example during your PPC campaign, some keywords convert a lot better than others. Always remember to mix the keywords up in the search terms. Do not just put the same thing but with connectors. It’s also worth considering using misspelled keywords here too. Mistakes can happen when typing so if your product has some words that can easily be entered incorrectly, include them here. This will improve the product’s visibility in search results.

Our guest author, Tom Buckland is the Founder of an organic marketing agency based in the UK. Specialising in increasing revenues on Amazon & Google, he’s the #1 ranked Amazon marketing consultant with & the owner of HQ SEO.

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How to Increase Your Sales with Channel Partners

When it comes to increasing the sales and revenue, most businesses focus entirely on their in-house sales team. However, you may not know that it’s even more feasible to attract more customers and increase the sales with the help of channel partners.

By partnering with these companies, you can even target global markets and increase your customer base. However, you can’t make the most of this opportunity unless you carefully choose your channel partners. Here are some factors you should consider to increase your sales and revenue:

Choose the Right Channel Partners

In order to form a partnership, you should pick companies that deal in the same niche market and their customers are likely to show an interest in your products.

For instance, if you sell smartphone cases, you can partner with companies that sell smartphones. Their customers may want to buy cases for the protection of mobile sets. This way, you can increase your sales by selling your products to the customer base of smartphone sellers.

Build Trust

Build a strong relationship with your channel partners to gain their trust. If your partners trust your brand, they’re less likely to break their relationship with your business and form a partnership with your competitors.

When you sign a partnership with any company, make sure that the contract offers valuable benefits to their business, or else they won’t be interested in selling your products.

Promote Channel Partner Loyalty

In order to significantly increase your revenue, you ought to achieve the loyalty of your channel partners. The longer they stay associated with your business, the easier it’ll be for you to increase your sales.

You can introduce a reseller and channel partner loyalty program for this purpose. The more products they sell, the more benefits they can claim. It’ll motivate them to prefer your brand over your competitors and convince more customers into buying your products. Click hereto know more about the channel partner program.

Empower Your Channel Partners

Just like you train your in-house sales team on how they can communicate the value of your products to potential customers, you should also arrange training sessions for your channel partners to educate them. It’ll ensure your products are pitched the right way.

Also, provide your channel partners with sales tools and other relevant resources through which they can attract and retain customers. You can also aid them in establishing and maintaining an online presence by developing a website for their company and creating valuable content. This way, not only will you be able to increase your sales, your partners can also increase their existing customer base.

Measure the Impacts

Now that you’ve acquired channel partners for your business, you should also measure the impacts of this relationship. Determine whether your partners are helping you meet your target sales goals and then upgrade your marketing strategy according to the results.

To be precise, channel partners can help you increase your business revenue. But you need to focus on building an honest relationship with your partners to convince them into selling your products.

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6 Mistakes Brands Should Avoid on Social Media

Using social media for marketing purposes appeals to numerous businesses because of the large number of daily users that log into popular social networks. Unfortunately, many brands have a hard time converting their media presence into new leads and sales. Many of them make mistakes that result in damaged reputation and even loss of customers.

However, you can improve your chance of success on social networks by being aware of common blunders some of those businesses make and learning how to avoid them. Here are five mistakes you should avoid in order to maximize your benefit from social media.

Not Having a Social Media Strategy

Businesses that haphazardly jump into social media have high expectations, but often fail to reach them. Such a mistake wastes time and effort and can deter the company from ever trying again.

However, you can have a smooth social media experience by first identifying your needs. After that, you should set goals and plan how to achieve them. Finally, your strategy needs to define how to monitor and assess your results.

Another aspect of your social media strategy is the tone of voice and personality your brand will use as it interacts. Taking this extra step can help you and your team effectively respond to customer inquiries, complaints and other feedback.

Being Insensitive

If you fail to be sensitive towards your audience, you can severely damage your reputation. In that case, your social media campaign may hurt you more than it helps.

Pay attention to how you communicate and how what you say comes across to your audience. In other words, be sensitive to their perspectives and circumstances.

For starters, the transparent nature of social media means that everyone can see how you treat your customers. That means you need to treat everyone with respect, even when they’re angry or complaining.

In addition to your vocabulary and tone of voice, make sure you are sensitive about your use of humor. In other words, what you think is funny might either offend or insult someone else.

Ignoring Negative Feedback

Social media has become the most popular channel for customer support. However, many brands make the mistake of ignoring customer feedback on their social media profiles, especially if it’s negative. When this happens, problems fester and often go viral. As a result, even small issues become major headaches.

Avoid the mistake others have made by giving prompt and courteous attention to every comment, even if it’s negative. Rather than pretending that no problem exists, be proactive and work to find a satisfactory solution.

You can even go the extra mile and use social listening techniques to pinpoint comments that aren’t aimed at you directly. Paying attention to what others are saying about your brand without using the @ symbol gives you the chance to act before a problem escalates. It also shows you care about your customers and displays a positive brand image.

Not Offering Value

Companies that use social media to bombard their audience with sales pitches make a blunder that offends audiences and drives them away. In other words, posting only promotional content to your social media pages may hurt your business.

Such a misuse of social media usually results from a misunderstanding of the nature of social networks. For the most part, people log into their favorite social sites for the purpose of socializing. When you compel them to buy, they will most likely stay away from your accounts.

Avoid this error by publishing valuable content that improves life for your audience. In addition to posting material that you and your team create, post content from external sources. Also, don’t forget to share content that entertains, even if it’s not directly relevant to your business.

Neglecting Security

With the rising numbers of hacking attacks on social media accounts, it is essential to take the necessary safety precautions. Failing to do so could have negative consequences on your business. Just imagine what would happen if a hacker hijacked your Twitter account and started posting offensive tweets. This would certainly hurt your brand’s reputation and possibly cost your business money.

The first step to keeping all your social media accounts safe is installing antivirus and anti-malware software on all your in-house computers. Another important step i s educating your employees about using strong passwords and changing them often.

They should also know about the dangers of accessing your business’ social media accounts via public Wi-Fi networks. These networks are not encrypted which means that a hacker can intercept the password you use to login to your accounts. If avoiding public Wi-Fi is not possible, make sure your employees use a virtual private network (VPN) for a safe connection.

Not Engage With Your Followers

Finally, remember to socialize on social media. You can get so busy posting and sharing content that you forget to interact. If you just post and run, such a blunder can torpedo your social media effort.

When people follow your profile and you follow them in return, you build a sense of friendship and trust. Similarly, you can achieve a lot by sharing content posted by the people who share yours.

Your main goal should be to engage with your followers. Doing so maintains the spirit of social media while building trusting relationships that eventually will lead to new sales.

Final Thoughts

Using social media doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, the above five blunders frequently ruin reputations of companies and their brands. However, by using these tips to create and implement a social media strategy that adds value to and engages the community, you’ll be set up for success.

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6 Tips For A Successful Landscaping Business

If you love being outdoors and have a passion for plants, starting a landscaping business may be just what you are looking for. You need to be aware that you will have to face a very competitive market, so in order for you to make it, you will have to put in a lot of effort and time into it. You need to lay a proper groundwork for your business, by learning as much as you can, and going into business well-prepared. In this article, we are going to discuss 6 tips for running a successful landscaping business.

Learn all you can about landscaping

In order to do a successful landscaping business, you first need to learn as much as you can about the craft. You can start by gaining some experience by working for another landscaping company. You can also provide services as an apprentice to a landscaper that has more experience than you. Another option is to sign up for a technical school and go to classes that focus on landscape design and business practices. Here you will gain valuable information that will help you be smart when you plan out your business later on.

Decide the scope of your business

It is up to you to decide what the scope of your business will be. You can decide that you want to mow lawns on your own, or you can turn into a whole company that provides various services, such as retaining walls, grading, storm drain work, and the like. Of course, you can’t offer everything you want from the start, but it’s essential that you know where you want your business to go. For example, if you want to focus on grading and retaining walls, you’ll be working on projects that are big enough so that you don’t need a large clientele, but small enough so that you can finish them in a somewhat short period.

Assign roles and responsibilities

If you aren’t going to be doing a one-man business, then you’ll probably have a partner or two that you are going to work with. It is essential that everyone in your business knows what their role is and be familiar with the responsibilities that each role means. Partnerships can turn to dust if responsibilities aren’t determined from the start. You should know that if it isn’t stated otherwise in a legal document, everyone in your partnership has the same claim to the business, no matter whether they are actively taking part in it.

Start early

You need to be smart about when you do your business. Depending on where your business is located, it is important that you make the most out of spring, summer, and fall. This is the perfect time to do your best so that you can get ahead of the competition. Bring out your marketing campaign and roll out the ads you’ve got up your sleeve. Look for clients that will agree to place your sign in their own yard. Brochures and cards are a great way of spreading the word.

Equipment, supplies and capital

According to professionals at Sand4U, essential things that you’ll need are landscaping supplies, like sand, gravel and soil. You will need the right heavy machinery as well, like a bobcat, a trailer, and hauling equipment.

Starting out with a substantial capital is important, as machinery will often need repairs, and you need to be prepared for such a scenario. You have to be sure that in the midst of a project, you have the money to do a proper repair and not hold up work.

Diversify your work

Once your business has become successful, you can grow it further by branching. For example, you may be focused on residential properties at the moment, so it might be a good choice to take commercial properties into account from now on as well. Commercial properties have big needs, so they will provide you with more business.

Final words

There are other things that you need to keep in mind, such as having a website so that people can look you up online and learn about your business. You need to figure out how payment collection is going to work, and make sure that your company accepts all credit cards. There are also the options like partnering up, starting a blog, creating a strong social media presence, etc.

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Advertising vs. Marketing – No, They’re Not the Same, and Yes it Matters

Advertising practices date back as early as the 1700s, when the first real estate ad was placed in a newspaper. Marketing is thought to have existed since the beginning of time in some form, but started evolving in 20-years cycles post World War II.

Neither concepts are new, that much is obvious. So why do companies still have a hard time differentiating the two in 2017?

The line between marketing and advertising was bound to blur at some point. Shrinking budgets and new ways to connect with audiences mean employees are wearing multiple hats to ensure business can keep going. Marketing departments begin absorbing advertising responsibilities to cut costs. Even sales and marketing are now interchanged more often than they used to be.

In spite of this sales/marketing/advertising musical chairs, it’s important to realize that advertising is NOT marketing, and marketing is NOT sales, regardless of who is handling what.

Companies would do well to take note the similarities and differences between the two if you want to get the biggest ROI for your efforts.

Marketing vs.Advertising – What’s the Difference?

Nowadays, it seems like you can’t venture out of bed without seeing an advertisement for something. They’re everywhere! From ads on social media or in apps to announcers interrupting your morning routine while listening to Pandora, most folks are exposed to dozens of ads before they even leave the house each day.

However, these ads don’t just happen by accident. For savvy companies, these ads exist only because of well-planned marketing strategies that place those specific ads in specific channels at specific times. You could say that marketing is the magical force pulling the strings behind every advertisement you encounter.

Simply put, advertisements are promotions for products or services for a company. Ads are often created around a central goal or message that is intended for a specific audience. However, for an ad to do its job, it’s up to marketing to decide who the ad should target, where it should be placed, and what it should say.

The Role of Human Nature in Marketing and Advertising

Advertising is a huge part of marketing’s responsibility, but it’s not the only responsibility. Marketing also encompasses branding and targeting, as well as managing the perceptions that result from them.

If you’re still having a hard time defining the ultra-fine line between marketing and advertising, you might need to look no further than how human nature affects each one.

For marketing to be successful, it relies on things like data, facts, and logic to create a strategy. The focus here is less on hunches and more on substantial evidence that it will work.

Advertising, however, uses creativity, cleverness, and artistry to get its message across via whatever strategy you’ve crafted. Advertising’s sole purpose is to promote a specific product or service, and often relies on design elements and witty copy to communicate its value to others. Logic and data are used to initiate the creative side, but in a way that’s obscured from the viewer, leaving nothing but a memorable message in place for them to enjoy.

As consumers, we’re often intrigued by eye-catching visuals, addicting tunes, or other attention-grabbing components. Focusing on data alone is, as MarketingLand’s Peter Minnium suggests, like clapping with one hand. You need both hard cold facts (the marketing side) and bursting creativity (the advertising part) to create a successful campaign. Neither will be nearly as effective without the other.

Combining the Strengths of Advertising and Marketing

Although advertising plays but a small role in marketing’s big picture, marketing’s success is often determined by its advertising.  If you want to see that success thrive to its highest potential, you need to clean up your marketing before advertising can do its job.

Start by defining your unique selling proposition (USP). In other words, what makes your company different, and why do these differences matter to your customers? You might have the lowest prices, or you’ve been in business longer than your competitors. It might be your rapid turnaround times or your ability to tailor every experience to the individual’s needs.

Try to avoid using generics like customer service and friendly, knowledgeable staff. At this point, those are expectations people have of every company, not differentiating factors (unless you’re Nordstrom or, of course). Make sure that whatever you tout as your bread and butter, you do it better than anyone else, and have made it difficult for others to copy.

Once you decide what you’re great at, make sure you communicate those features in your advertising. True, you’re promoting products and services in your ads, but your creative should speak for itself on why people should do business with you.

If you inject your brand voice in every ad and place it in front of the right people, advertising and marketing become one unstoppable, profit-building force.

Author: Ben Shepardson is the founder of NoStop Ghost Bloggers, a boutique writing agency focusing on helping small business clients take their websites to the next level. From social media topics to articles on niche industry issues, NoStop’s articles are written with style, attention to detail, and with the client’s audience in mind.

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7 Tips For Redesigning Your Website

The time has finally come to say goodbye to our baby and bring our old site into the modern age. This is never an easy task as sites usually require to be rebuilt from the ground up but in today’s ever-shifting marketplace – it has become a necessity. Implementing a new design usually requires quite a bit of handiwork before the actual site comes to life, this is the perfect time to consider the dos and don’ts of today and work in accordance with various norms to provide users with the best site possible.

1. Tone it down

First and foremost, tone it down. Gone are the days of bombarding users with images, popups, invasive fonts and so on. The dominating practice of today is the sleek and simple approach, giving users exactly what they asked for while everything else is out of focus in the background. Backlinks, ads, related products; all of these take a backseat to the product which should be the focus of the page and have all necessary information available close by.

2. Let it die

Sometimes it can be hard to let go, this is something we’ve put our hearts and souls into over the last couple of months, years even. While this is natural, it is important to keep an open mind and keep looking forward. Emotional attachment is natural, we’ve developed the same kind of attachment to a piece of pottery we drink coffee from each morning for pity’s sake, there’s no shame in it. However, it is important to cut ties and let the site evolve as we have – as people, as a company.

3. Think from the user’s perspective

A key point to keep in mind is that the users won’t be looking for the same kind of experience as the employees working on the site. Whatever we might think is important, in a vast majority of cases, our user base will put priority on completely different aspects of the site. Get rid of any unnecessary complications and information that could take up screen space, the UI needs to be repeatable to an extent that it is predictable, making navigation a breeze.

4. Big Brother it

Although Mr. Orwell didn’t probably have this in mind, we should take a few pointers from his book. It is important to keep a close eye on our visitors and users and jotting down what they like and do not like, what their time spent on each specific page is and what turned them off. By doing this, we can determine the best course of action to proactively improve the user experience and site design to better suit their needs.

5. Don’t oversaturate your user base

Although dishing out content is the recommended course of action, keep in mind that it is a fine line between making interesting content and swarming the user with flak. There is nothing more off-putting than being overwhelmed with information you never asked for, especially if it’s being presented aggressively on a site. This goes in line with thinking from the user’s perspective, if you’re visiting a page to buy object A, you rarely want to have to go through ads for objects B through Z before getting to the checkout page.

6. Tread carefully

All in all, building a site is like building a wall, you kind of need to know what you’re doing. Most businesses usually look for affordable solutions when building a website or redesigning a new one. The problem with that is that corner-cutting on business websites creation can lead to revenue loss for some of them. If unsure what to expect, be sure to take a look at professional pages done by firms like Nirmal Website Design, they have struck a nice balance between quality and affordability. This blend is exactly what every site redesign should encompass.

7. Figure out what customers want

At the end of the day, we come to the exciting world of analytics. Seriously though, as boring as the concept might seem, analytics are the best way for site owners to see the fruits of their labor and gather intel about everything from what sells to what draws the most attention, even taking into account what took the most time to load and what offers got taken up immediately. This will provide a baseline for future endeavors, and will help keep us fresh and on our toes.

The gist

Redesigning a website is essentially the rebranding of a company’s online presence. It is a chance to reinvent the company’s image from the ground up and attempt a different, preferably better, approach to building a presence online. Although the journey may be long and hard, we will always come out for the better. Change rarely comes easily and it rarely presents itself without pain, but it is a crucial part of life – and as such, must be embraced.

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