As many of you know, often even just as a form of therapy, I write some free-verse type poetry. It is likely crude, even offensive to true poets. But I wrote this recently. This is a holiday gift to you. Change. It evokes in us a feeling of fear. As if in embracing it, we […]

Fear vs. Love

It’s not some kind of revelation. The kind that people will write down in a book, start a religion around, and then totally flip so they can kill whoever they want and feel okay about it. It’s really just restating something you already know, more than likely, and if you don’t, something you should learn […]

Tough Kindness

You’ve heard of tough love. Those times when you have to tell someone you love that they are wrong, or have messed up, or even have to have some kind of intervention. Tough kindness is tough love’s brother. And it is just as hard to practice. Why is kindness called a religion? Because it goes […]