Oculus Rift Pilot Program for California Libraries Set to Inspire

Today, Oculus Rift, the company that pioneered VR, will be launching a pilot program that includes providing 100 units to libraries in California. These units include Oculus headsets, hand controls, and the computers needed to run the software. The program includes several software titles as well, designed to aid in education.   The program is […]

Are E-Books Being Properly Preserved?

Hey all I’m taking a quick survey of librarians and library workers, so if you know someone in that field, please let them know. This is for an article I am writing for an online industry magazine. Thanks for your help! Loading…  

Marketing, Distribution, and the Future of the Book

What I Learned at THAT Camp BSU 2013 On Saturday, one of our sessions at THAT Camp BSU un-conference was about the future of the book. The beauty of an un-conference is that topics organically center themselves on what really concerns those in the room: the root of the topic. Here’s what we talked about. […]