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Exterior Build Design Tips

When it comes to the exterior of your home or office building, you want it to be inviting and appealing. That is why when the design process is starting, it can be tricky to finalise all of the plans. The shapes, lines, and making sure that the colours balance well. It might seem like a job for the more experienced designers, but you can work with more experienced architects on your project if you like. 

The outside of the building or home can be the reason people want to go inside. If the outside looks so inviting then, of course, imagine what the inside will look like! There are rules, but like all good rules – if you know how to break them well, the go-ahead. 

Materials and Textures

Most buildings will have the typical red ‘house bricks’. But, if you don’t love it, there are ways you can cover some of it up. Adding shingles, aluminium, wood, steel and other panels can give a whole new look and feel to the exterior of the building. 

But you want to have a balance between the textures and the materials. For example, when done correctly, industrial steel and natural wood can work well together. Due to the fact that it is going out on the outside of the building, you will need to be mindful of the durability – as well as the aesthetics. 

Color Combinations

While you might be tempted to add as many colors as you have facets of personality – you would be wise to tone it back. Typically three shades from the same colour palette work the best together. One of the lightest shades, a midrange and a darker tone too. The lighter shade can be used on the body, and the second can be used for the trim. Finally, use that third middle shade for the door. 

It will pull the whole thing together, and look incredibly sleek. Try to use colors that will be in keeping with the style of your home or office building and the period in which it was built. 

Extra Features

If you have a lot of staff that enjoy sitting outside on their lunch break. Or you are partial to sitting in your own garden, a canopy walkway or a retractable awning are ideal solutions for that. Not only that but the perks of both are that the walkway canopy can double as a shelter from the rain when needed and the retractable awning can be rolled away in bad weather. 

Form Follows Function

Form follows function, a very well known saying that will help you have a starting point for the rest of your design ideas. The use of the building should dictate what it does and does not need. Then, once you have all of the critical ‘must-haves’, you can move on to the ‘just wants’. 

Consider the needs of your staff or your family when you are making changes to the home exterior – they ideally should be an investment that will last. 

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5 Signs You Need Professional Pest Control Services

Most pests are easy to get rid of. If you see a cockroach or a lone flying mosquito, simply bring out a bug spray and spray at the pest directly or the room and you will be rid of your insect problem.

Getting rid of a mouse you are sure is living in your kitchen is relatively easy, too. All you need is a mousetrap or a similar device and the right bait and your kitchen will soon be rodent-free.

However, taking the DIY route isn’t always the best course of action when you have to deal with pests. There will be instances when using an insecticide won’t help you get rid of your creeping or flying problems completely. After all, pests rarely ever come solo. In these situations, the best option is toinvest in thebest pest control servicesavailable.

To know when you need to hire a professional exterminator to deal with your pest problem, here are five signs you need to look out for:

1.   Your DIY attempts are not working

If you have already spent a fortune buying different bug sprays and insect traps and you still haven’t gotten rid of the pests in your home, you need to contact a pest control company immediately.

Even if your sprays and traps manage to kill and catch some pests but you still see a lot of them running, creeping, or flying around, you are only wasting a lot of time and money.Keeping your home cleanis a good start to minimizing pests in your home. But to get rid of your problem completely, get help from a provider of pest control services.

2.   You are dealing with dangerous pests

There are some pests that are simply too dangerous to deal with on your own. These include bees, wasps, and poisonous snakes and spiders.

Even rodents can be harmful to have in your home.Rats are known carriers of various diseaseswhich include leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Some species of ticks carry Lyme disease which can be debilitating if contracted.

Certain pests can also carry e-coli that could make you or your family sick if not dealt with immediately and properly.

If your home or outdoor space is harboring any of these pests and already has been for a long period of time, call a pest control expert immediately.

3.   You are afraid your attempts are doing more harm than good

Using pesticides too often can be hazardous to you and your family’s health, and even your pets’. When bug sprays are used frequently and incorrectly, you run the risk of spreading poison in your homesince these products are made of harsh chemicals.

If you keep storing a lot of liquid and powder and crystal pesticides in a cabinet or drawer that you don’t lock, there is a chance that your kids or pets can reach and get them. If they accidentally swallow these pesticides, they will become severely ill.

To ensure your efforts in keeping your home pest-free won’t endanger anyone, it would be best to hire experts. Most pest control companies use eco-friendly pesticidesand, therefore, do not pose a risk to people, pets, and the environment. They bring these products will them as well, so you won’t have to store them yourself.

4.   You are already noticing signs of property damage

In case some of your curtains, furniture, and clothes have holes or look like they have been gnawed on, you need to call the pros immediately.

If you see cords, cables, or wires that have been chewed on, you need to get help from an exterminator right away. This is because the more you let rats eat or gnaw into electrical wirings and cables, the higher you are putting your home atrisk of starting an electrical fire.

You will also save more money on repairs if you let the pros handle a possible termite infestation problem. These pests can cost you a fortune in the repair and replacement of wooden fixtures and furniture.

5.   You can’t get to the root of the problem

Finally, if you keep seeing the same pests over and over again in your home, it means you haven’t located and dealt with the source of your problem. To get rid of your pest problem once and for all, invest in a professional pest control service.

The best service providers have theright tools and equipment to locate where the pests in your home are hiding. They will then employ the right pest control and management strategies to ensure your home is safe, healthy, and pest-free again.

There is nothing easy about eradicating pests in your home. Save yourself some money, time, and effort by getting help from the pros as soon as you see signs of pest infestation.


Erum Rizviis co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at a new startup venture, FixonClick, which is a web-based online portal for services and customers. Born and raised in the UAE, Erum as a tech devotee has more than 13 years of experience in leading strategic wins in Business Management and Channel Development with MNCs like Cisco, Microsoft, and Techdata.

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Styling Tips to Get the Best Price for Your House

Home staging or property styling is increasing in popularity with every passing minute, as more and more home sellers have now begun to monitor the plethora of benefits obtainable from it. The main advantage that a home seller acquires when they opt for property styling is the momentous increase in price that buyers are willing to pay as a result.

What Exactly Is Property Styling?

When home sellers put up their house for sale, they normally don’t go the extra mile to really make the space look appealing to the buyer – which results in buyers turning down the house more often than not. With property styling, however, a staging company comes in to decorate and style the house in a way that the buyer is able to see the full capability of the house. This is done by bringing in appealing furniture and other decorative items to grasp the attention of the buyer, while also increasing the sale price of your house.

How to Style Your House

After a long time of observations, it is now clear that property styling is one of the most reliable ways of giving a significant boost to the selling price of a house. However, one must also keep in mind that how the house is decorated also adds to the price the buyer will be willing to pay. This means that if a good job isn’t done in this regard, or the whole interior design doesn’t fit the buyer’s idea of perfection, then there’s a chance that the buyer won’t be interested in the house.

Opting for the services of existing property styling companies like can also prove commendable, in addition to the tips that follow.

Add a Touch of France

To get the best price possible for your property, you must always opt to give your house the best appearance possible as well. In this regard, can be highly noteworthy considering the extensive variety of French styled furniture, lighting and whatnot, their inventory consists of. By doing so, you can bet your bottom dollar that the buyers will come flowing in, because it’ll be a lot different than what is seen in normal Aussie open houses.

Consider All Repairs

Many homeowners, when selling their house, choose to overlook issues that should be fixed prior to the selling of the house. This includes leaky faucets, chipping paint, broken windows, etc. If you don’t make these repairs before the buyers come in to see the house, there’s a high chance that they won’t consider buying the house at all – certainly not for the price you sell it at.

Be Welcoming & Accommodating

In addition to the appearance and price of the house, buyers also consider who they’re buying from and the previous history of the house they’re buying into. For this reason, it’s highly important that you, as the house seller, be present at the time that the buyers come in to see the house – not to mention, a welcoming and accommodating charm is always a plus point!

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