The Solitaire Series: The Queen of Diamonds

The Solitaire Series Reminder: Each week, a story will appear here, and be free to read for one week only. The next story will take its place, and the first story will be available on Amazon and other e-retailers. But if you follow this blog, you can read the stories for free every single week! […]

The Short Story Deal: One Deck of Cards and a Short Story Every Week

“The short story challenge, “I heard from somewhere beside me. Two fellow writers were talking. “Short story challenge?” I said. I’m always up for a challenge, and this sounded new, different. “Yeah. You write a short story, at least two thousand words long, every week, for an entire year.” The wheels in my head started […]

What It’s Like to Write “The End” Again

Honestly, it has been a few long years, and it feels like even longer since I have written “The End” on a book, mine or otherwise. In some ways, I was beginning to wonder if I could still do it. By that, I meant carry a story through until the end.  Don’t get me wrong. […]

Why I Bother to Write Fiction at All

There are times when I realize fiction is really hard work. It is perhaps the most time consuming of things that I do in the writing and publishing world, and if you work out the pay by the word or the hour, there are plenty of other ways to make more money writing. At the […]