Fear vs. Love

It’s not some kind of revelation. The kind that people will write down in a book, start a religion around, and then totally flip so they can kill whoever they want and feel okay about it. It’s really just restating something you already know, more than likely, and if you don’t, something you should learn […]

No More Birthdays

My friend, who I went to high school with, did not have a birthday today. He should have. He should have been 45, the same age I will be in a few short weeks. He didn’t die from a drug overdose, or suicide, or anything that was his fault. He was a Marine, an avid […]

Something Different for Halloween

For years I pretended to be someone I wasn’t, on a daily basis. It was like a Trick or Treat or Hide and Seek all the time. There were several reasons for this: fear, shame, and guilt chief of them. A little over a decade ago, I said “no more.” I was determined to be […]