EA Versus CPA: Which Accounting Certification Should You Get?

accounting certification

When the time comes to advance your career as an accountant, you will find options are available. Knowing which accounting certification will be of most benefit to you is of great importance, as the right choice will not only help you get promoted, it will likely increase your salary and open up more job opportunities. […]

The Impact Of Push Notifications For E-learning Campaigns

E-learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with growing competition for attention, it’s more important than ever to be able to draw customers in. With the number of consumers interested in online learning increasing year on year, how do you go about marketing digital products and ensuring your content turns heads? As you […]

Forklift Certification: 4 Reasons That Make It Crucial

Considering warehouse safety and health, driver training is a crucial part that the majority of employers and employees overpass. Today, we will discuss the importance of forklift operator training and how it affects you and your workplace. Forklifts are one of the necessary pieces of equipment in certain industries and sites. They make specific tasks […]

5 Alternative Ways of Getting to Writing Conferences

writing conferences

Writing conference season has already started, and the big conferences are coming up this spring and into the summer months. If you look around, you will probably find one near you if not in your home town. However, often some of the best conferences are just within driving distance and place where it really is […]

Your Life is Stuck in a Rut? Here is How to Get Out


You know you’re in a rut when things feel meaningless and you start wondering about your life. Maybe your job is unsatisfying or your relationship has stagnated, or perhaps you just have not reached your full potential. The good news is that admitting you’re in a rut is the first step toward making changes. Let’s […]

Degrees That Work for Freelancers

Many freelance writers have the mentality of lifelong learners. In fact, it is almost a job requirement. However, that does not always mean college. When it does, it is often difficult to decide exactly what degree to pursue. Fortunately, there are many degrees out there that actually benefit freelancers more than just putting some new […]

Oculus Rift Pilot Program for California Libraries Set to Inspire

Today, Oculus Rift, the company that pioneered VR, will be launching a pilot program that includes providing 100 units to libraries in California. These units include Oculus headsets, hand controls, and the computers needed to run the software. The program includes several software titles as well, designed to aid in education.   The program is […]

Informal vs. Formal Literacy and Education


This weekend at THATCamp BSU, the first keynote, William Nericco, a professor from San Diego State University, opened with Robotic, Erotic, Electric, a talk based on the name of his 220 Literature course. He doesn’t teach “traditionally,” but rather incorporates science fiction, graphic novels, and film into the curriculum right next to classic literature, including […]

Learning from Reading

I don’t have a degree. Not a bachelors or a masters. No PhD. In fact, I don’t even have an associate degree. Yet I have held a number of job positions that “required” a college degree. I work as an editor, and I often teach. Many times those in the audience hold higher degrees than […]