Pet Organ Transplants

If you are like me, you love dogs. I love the dogs have at home, that I meet at the dog park, and that I meet on the street. In fact, I have been told I may have a problem. Because when I say, “I love this dog!” I get only one response from my […]

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It’s Not The Dog; It’s You

How many times have you heard pet owners scold their dog in an angry voice? “Bad dog, what have you done?” Most often than not, the dog, taking its cue from the tone of the voice, manages to look guilty. Dogs are great in this; they do look like they’re genuinely sorry for the mayhem […]

Houston: No More Problems

January 1999 It was a horrible time. I was confused, depressed, and felt rejected by family, friends, and seriously doubted my sanity. Good things came out of that time: I found the woman I am married to still, I started writing again, and I got a new dog. For nearly 10 years, he was one […]