Cyber-security: 7 Simple Tips to Be Successful Professional

cyber security

Introduction Nowadays, data theft has become the latest major online attack on businesses. It does not spare even small organizations that are considered to have less valuable data. Cyber-attacks is a topic that every business should contemplate to ensure the protection of their assets. Some of these attacks are as a result of lacking cybersecurity […]

Easy Ways to Try and Keep your Business More Secure

Keeping your business secure should always be your first priority. If your business has security flaws then criminals may try and take advantage, resulting in both loss of data and customer trust. Know your Data Not all data is equal. Your customer data, for example, is much more sensitive than your marketing data. If you […]

Taking A Course In PKI

PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure and there are many benefits associated with deploying this at your business. Not only will you be able to increase the levels of security and privacy at your business, but you will also ensure the non-repudiation of transactions and you can decrease the risk of communications being tampered with […]

Business Owners: Here’s How to Keep Your Startup Safe

Keeping your business in good health financially is, of course, one thing but what about protecting it from fraud and other criminals? A lot of business owners try to keep their businesses safe but, since they don’t know exactly what to protect it against, it can often be hard to cover yourself from all angles. […]

Are You Cyber Secure?

43% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses; 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of an attack and only 14% of small companies to rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks and attacks as “highly effective.” When was the last time you reviewed your security policies? What sort […]