Guest Post: Elizabeth Delisi Naming Your Characters

Naming Your Characters Romeo and Juliet. Scarlett and Rhett. James Bond. Miss Marple. All these names conjure up an instant image. As soon as we hear them, we feel we know something about the characters they represent, their personality traits and quirks, their strengths and their vices. Suppose Scarlett was named Henrietta, or Rhett was […]

The Holiday Spirit

This year I have already written about the Holiday season: the fun it is to track Santa, but also how scary it is we are giving the big guy (and many other people) about us. It seems we are in a giving mood year round, whether we know it or not. I also wrote about […]

Grande Tolerance, Hold the Whip

Starbucks. Despite controversy over how they treat employees, the company seems to have made big strides in many areas. No one who has ever worked as a barista for them or anyone else would say it’s an easy job. Hell, even hearing customer names and translating them into correct spelling, while a source of humor […]

Blissmas Blog: Christmas Traditions

I didn’t grow up with much of a Christmas tradition. We were poor, and often far from family. If Grandma and Grandpa were in town, or at least close, we would see them. Sometimes aunts and uncles, even cousins. So I wasn’t the best at establishing traditions for my kids either. In fact, although I […]