Saying Yes (and no) and Making a Living

I’ll start off this post by saying that this opinion is going to be unpopular with some writers and some freelancers. Tough. I did not get to where I am today by second guessing certain truths about the writing business as it is today, and what it takes to make a living writing. While there […]

GUEST AUTHOR: Jonathan Dunne: A View of Characters

Thank you for inviting me on the blog. In all my crime books I continue to be heavily influenced by Jack London’s Call of the Wild and White Fang. In these classics we watch two canines go from extremes of domesticity to violent savagery and vice versa. The environment moulds both animals and they find […]

The Dirge of Distraction

I try to be a helpful guy, sharing with others the things I have learned the hard way, so they do not have to experience the same pain I have. I hope it frees them to make mistakes of their own. But there are times when being helpful becomes a huge distraction, and I lose […]

The Value of Critique

There are times as an author when you need to seek the opinion of other authors and readers. You might not even find all of those opinions valid, but you just might find gems in their opinions. Gems that can do nothing but make your work stronger. There is one issue with critique though, and […]

The “Easy “ Life

There are times when I understand why authors used to, years ago, simply retreat from the world to do what they loved most: write. The publicity, the marketing, even the personal appearances went away once they reached a certain level of success. I’m on a different path: if anything I feel too visible at times. […]

Idaho Author Guest Post: Jane Munro

Today, a fellow Idaho Author, Jane Munro, tells us why she is a mystery writer. See her bio and more about her books below. Read and review to support local Idaho authors! Why am I a Mystery Writer? Anybody who’s already a writer knows the answer to that question. There are probably as many answers as […]

The Debate is the Distraction

In one of my seminars, I make the blanket statement that publishing is not changing. It has already changed. The new paradigm is still working itself out in many ways, so in that sense, many things are still changing. But many more have already, and will never go back to the way they were before. […]

The Hazards of in Person Book Signings

(and the benefits) It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and I feel like gambling. Do I go down and purchase a lottery ticket? Nope. Instead I set up a table at the Kuna Library during summer reading events. There is tons of promised traffic. And traffic there is. But People come to the library to borrow books, […]

Say Goodbye Author Stand

I remember when I posted my first article on AuthorStand, for a short story competition. It turned out the contest was more about who you knew more than anything else, and as a relative newbie to the fiction author realm, I didn’t do so well. It didn’t go viral, and I didn’t win. But I […]