Care For A Carer

We all dread seeing our parents’ health deteriorate. They’re solid and unshakeable figures in our lives, and we convince ourselves they’re invincible. At some stage, though, the chances are that your parent’s health will start to falter. And, when it does, you’ll probably want to help them keep a decent quality of life. This is […]

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease or is Confusion Normal With Age?

Alzheimer’s Disease. Many people assume that all older people develop this relentless condition that eventually robs people of memory while affecting a person’s thoughts, words, and actions; however, Alzheimer’s is not a normal change of aging. What is Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer’s is a common brain disorder that progressively destroys brain cells over time, causing many […]

5 Biggest Aging Fears Among Men

Most people are, in fact, worried about getting old. On the other hand, numerous surveys show that when one finally gets old, all those fears kind of disappear. You may say that fear exists just when you’re young. Elderly are more satisfied with their lives, they don’t suffer from depression as much as younger people […]

Here, Taste This

What Scotch Night can teach us about Books and Reading There were perhaps a dozen of us, although I never got a definite head count. And there were at least a dozen bottles of Scotch on the bar. Plus a Japanese whiskey. It was a tasting party, so no, we did not plan to drink […]