Figuring out Your Book Advertising ROI

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TL;DR Advertising ROI is a simple formula: determine the amount of money you earned from your sales (Number of sales x price of book) and then subtract the amount of money you spend on advertising that book.  It gets a little more complex when you have more than one book and more than one ad […]

An In-Depth Review of Plottr (with Screenshots)

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I remember it well: February, Provo, Utah, at the Life, the Universe, and Everything conference. We were getting ready to leave, my requisite haul of friends’ books straining the straps of my backpack, my head full of things I’d learned over the past few days, and the vendors packing up the dealer room. My friend, […]

Book Marketing has a Marketing Problem

Book Marketing

Hi there, [insert your author name here]. Now that you have written a book and maybe even published it, it’s time to start marketing! Did that sentence make you nervous, or maybe even cringe? You’re not alone. The truth is, book marketing has a marketing problem. Most authors think of book marketing in the wrong […]

5 Things Your Amazon Book Sales Page Should Have

Amazon Book Page

Our guest today is none other than Dave Chesson of Kindleprenuer, Publisher Rocket, and an all-around great guy. Read more about his bio and products below. But first, he shares with us the 5 Things Your Amazon Book Sales Page Should Have.  Seasoned authors know that writing a riveting book is just the first step […]

Writing as a Business: When to Quit Your Day Job Redux

Over the last couple of years, I have had some serious personal life changes and challenges, and that meant a transition from freelance writing full time to a full-time job, a part time job, and then leaving that day job altogether. Part of that had to do with my personal motivation and income, the rest […]

Writing as a Business: EBook Distribution Options

Now that we have talked about the Amazon exclusive vs. wide distribution options, we need to talk about the options besides Amazon. What do we mean, exactly by wide distribution? How do you get your books on all of those different channels? It sounds like a daunting task. It can seem like it at first, […]

Writing as a Business: Wide Distribution vs. Amazon Exclusivity

Smashwords challenged the publishing industry when Mark Coker launched it in 2007. By 2010, the company was profitable, and was distributing books not only on its own website, but through partnerships with Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Sony. Apple was also in the self-publishing game, and Amazon offered Kindle Direct Publishing options to authors […]

Writing as a Business: Your Google Ranking

We’re going to skip ahead a little bit in this series to a marketing piece, primarily because I have received a lot of questions about it lately. So here is the deal: as a writer, you need to have your own website and blog, you need to post there regularly, and you need to deliberately […]

Business 101 for Writers: DIY Formatting vs. Professional

We have covered a lot of ground in the production process of this series, and believe it or not we are almost done. We talked about writing your book, revision and editing, the book cover, and now we are going to talk about interior design and formatting. Don’t think this is an easy subject: I […]

Business 101 for Writers: The Book Cover

So far in this series, we have covered a whole lot of ground. You have written the best book you can, revised it, and now you have hired an editor. Currently, they are working on one of the four rounds of editing your book will go through before a proofreader goes over it one last […]