How To Choose a Safe Apartment

safe apartment

The reason why most people choose to live in an apartment is because of the kind of safety and security it provides. However, with the type of news heard around the safety and security of apartments, many people are now more cautious. But you can still offload the crime by choosing or picking the safest […]

CCM Presents: The City of Sacramento

For many of the state capitals we will write about, I have a confession to make. I haven’t spent a lot of time there. But that’s an exception when it comes to Sacramento. Due to another writing assignment (I also work as a freelancer) I have been traveling to that area frequently since last spring. […]

The Making of a Detective

We all love to read about Private Detectives  and police investigators who chase after bad guys. They are often depicted by the media and fiction as people who sacrifice nearly everything to “get their man.” This is actually true of some detectives to a certain extent. What difference does this make to readers and to […]

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What Happened at the Oregon State Hospital and Why it Matters

The Oregon State Hospital, a mental institution in Salem, Oregon and featured in our book, Slaying in Salem, has a dark history. There are stories of abuse, but not just of mentally ill adults. There are stories of children, housed there because they had no other place to go, and under terrible conditions. One of […]

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