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Being Healthy At Work

If you are always on the lookout for ways to be healthier, then you will be aware that you probably need to look at many of the different areas in your life where you tend to spend time. For most people, the place they spend most of their time is at work, and so it is obviously going to be hugely important to make sure that you are focused at least a little on how to be healthy while you are at work. As it happens, there is plenty that you can think about here, and it might be a lot easier than you would think, so that is something to be glad for. Let’s take a look now at some of the major things you can do to make sure that you look after yourself while you are at work.

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Don’t Overdo It

The first thing to say is that if you want to be healthy, you need to keep stress to an absolute minimum. That means changing many things in your life, if you are like most people, but one thing in particular which you might need to look into is ensuring that you do not overdo it on the work front. In other words, you will need to make sure that you are not overworking yourself to the point where you are causing yourself damage – and the trouble there is that it can often be so easy to do that before you have even noticed that you’ve done it. So make sure that you are working only as much as you need to and are able to, and don’t allow your bodily health to worsen from overworking yourself. That alone will make a huge difference to how well you are taking care of yourself, and it proves to be hugely important.

Follow Health & Safety

In order to be healthy, a big part of that is ensuring that you are safe, so that you can make sure you are looking after your body as much as you possibly can. In order to make sure that you are doing that, you should think about following health and safety to the letter, so that you know that you are going to be as looked after as possible. Your employer will have all sorts of health and safety rules, and the better that you follow them and are aware of them, the safer you are likely to remain on the whole. You might find that many of them seem silly or even ridiculous, but they are all there for a reason, and adherence to them will mean that you are taking care of your body in the long run.

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Some of the health and safety issues surrounding your ongoing health, such as those which stop you from becoming ill. Others are more about ensuring that you don’t suffer any injuries, which are of course the last thing you need if you are trying to look after your body as best as you can. You need to make sure that you are following those rules, and if you don’t and you experience an injury then there is nobody else to blame but yourself. Of course, it might sometimes be that a rule was wrong, or nonexistent, and in those cases you always have the option of hiring a personal injury attorney to help represent you as you fight those battles. But in general, following health and safety will be a hugely valuable thing for you in order to look after your body better.

Taking Breaks

It is hugely important that you make a point of taking regular breaks. This is valuable not just as a means of calming the mind and allowing yourself to refresh, though that is a big part of it, but also as a way of ensuring that you are allowing your body to rest too. That can be especially important if you are doing manual work, as it means that you need to make sure that you are allowing your body a break, and if you don’t it could really cause some problems in the short and the long term. There will be a certain minimum amount of break that you are owed by law, and you should make sure that you take it in its entirety, otherwise you won’t be able to fully experience the benefits of such breaks. All in all, this is a powerful means of ensuring that you are not going to suffer too many health issues as a result of your work – and it makes the working day considerably more enjoyable and bearable too.

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Exercising At Work

Increasingly, people are turning to exercising at work more and more, and this is actually one of the most beneficial things you can do with your time at work. If you work at a desk all day, you might be wondering how you can make this a part of your daily routine, but actually it is pretty straightforward – you just need to make sure that you are carrying out what is often referred to as ‘deskercise’, in which you perform small movements at your desk. These can often be enough to at least loosen out your joints and make you feel more relaxed, but often they will also actively help you in keeping your body functioning properly and keeping the blood flowing. It is absolutely much better than failing to do any exercise in the working day at all. You might also want to think about going to the gym during your lunch break, in order to really ensure that you are making the most of the time you have during the day.

If you can make sure of all these things, you will find that you are a much healthier individual, despite what work you might do and how much of your time it takes up. This is all important if you are keen to make sure that you are putting your health first before anything else – as you should.

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Insider’s Insights: Buying from a Certified Pre-Owned Car Dealer

You hear a lot of buzz when it comes to buying cars. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has an opinion. Whether it’s about what model or make to buy or where you should purchase your vehicle, there are varying opinions that might be helpful – or simply drive you up the wall.

A lot of people will give you advice (unsolicited or not) especially when you are in the market for a pre-owned car. There is a chance, though, that too many cooks in the kitchen, will only lead to confusion.

An Insider’s Point of View

Amidst all the comments, inputs, and suggestions of people around you regarding your car purchase, wouldn’t it be great if you can actually get information from a car company insider?

There are so many things that go into the car-buying process; it is not an easy decision to make. For one, you need to weigh a lot of things on the personal side – such as your personal preferences, needs, or budget. Then you also have to consider the technical side – make, model, features, or specifications – items you need to consider to be able to come up with a good purchase.

When you have the opportunity to get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth– in this case, a car company employee with years of experience in the auto industry – on what you should consider when buying a pre-owned car, then it will definitely help you in spades.

To help you out, here’s some very good insider knowledge on what you can expect when you buy from a certified pre-owned car dealer:

1. You get peace of mind.

When you buy from a certified pre-owned car dealer, you get the assurance that the cars you’re choosing from have undergone a thorough inspection. Whether it’s a 21-point check or a 100-point checklist, the point is that certified pre-owned car dealers do not just accept every car that is brought in for trade-in or trade-up.

Cars that have made it into the list of certified pre-owned vehicles would have a stamp of inspection signifying its quality. The checklist will also indicate basic information like the mileage of the car, variant, options, etc.

More importantly, it usually has an illustration of a basic car type where the pre-owned inspector will check which side has dings, dents, or other pertinent information about the vehicle condition. Your sales agent will inform you of these so you are also aware of what you might end up purchasing.

Similarly, you can also request your sales agent for a copy of the car’s history if you buy from a certified pre-owned dealer. This will give you a detailed account of whatever service the car has gone through – from general repair work to road accidents it may have figured in, if any.

2. You are assured of the car’s roadworthiness.

Since every car in the pre-owned inventory has undergone stringent tests, you can be assured that it is roadworthy.

Usually, when going through the checklist, the diagnostic tool will pick up updates from the manufacturer’s quality bulletins. Since technology is more advanced nowadays, certified pre-owned car dealers already have advanced tools and equipmentto install any software updates or carry on work based on recent technical reports.

At the same time, when you have chosen a pre-loved unit, it will also undergo pre-delivery inspection. This process will help ascertain if everything is working and in good condition for the unit to be released to the customer. The sales offer letter usually already contains a note stating that thecar will be released after the routine pre-delivery check.

3. You enjoy customer perks.

When you buy from a certified pre-owned car dealer, you also usually get customer perks.

Since most, if not all, car companies aim for the highest customer satisfaction score, there are normally sale offers upfront to help sweeten the deal. It can range from free tint work, mats, or even a six-month warranty for merchandise, and service vouchers.

Compared to fly-by-night used car lots that can deceive you with shady deals, certified pre-owned car dealers make sure that you get maximum enjoyment while driving your car.

Some authorized pre-owned car dealers also have exchange programs or buy-back offers. For example, when your car acts up within 30 days and the dealer can’t fix it, you can exchange it for another similar vehicle. On the other hand, in the unfortunate circumstance when you cannot keep up with the ownership costs of the car, the company can offer to buy back the vehicle at a depreciated rate.

Straight from a Trusted Source

When you want to be sure about your purchase, you would do well to listen to reputable sources. Car executives who have the breadth of experience can guide you along the purchase process and lead you to the pre-owned car of your dreams.


Mahesh Rohra is the Director of Arabian Automobiles LLC – AW Rostamani Automotive Group, a trailblazer in the automotive fraternity with a legacy of over 50 years.AUTOTRUST by AW Rostamani is the largest automotive multi-brand one-stop shop in the UAE where you can buy and sell quality pre-owned cars.



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Top Ten Newest WordPress Plugins

As of 2019, WordPress is the most popular content management system there is on the market commanding approximately 59.4% market share of the entire web. Yes – more than five in ten currently active websites are likely powered by WordPress.

This massive success is mainly attributed to the unparalleled versatility of WordPress whether you are looking to create a personal blog, small business websites or even a large and heavily commercialized blog. As a result, WordPress everyone is able to build a website – including those with minimal or no development skills.

In this article, we are going to take a deep look at the newest WordPress plugins and how they can help augment your website and overall online presence.

Definition of WordPress Plugins

In simple terms, WordPress plugins are tools used to add and extend the functionality of a WordPress site. This wide variety of handy plugins within the WordPress framework helps do the heavy lifting for almost every function hence reducing a lot of work on your part. According to official estimates, the official number of plugins in the WordPress repository is over 55,000 and counting.

Of this number, there is a good mix of both free and premium plugins although most are built as freemiums which are free but come with an upgrading option.

With that said, downloading many irrelevant plugins doesn’t mean that they will help you boost your website’s performance and conversion. In fact, installing unnecessary plugins has the potential to significantly slow down your website and even threaten its security.

To help avoid this scenario, you can outsource experienced developers to help you to clean up the clutter by choosing the relevant WordPress plugins.

Click here for additional info on how Business Process Outsourcing works.

Here is our List of 10 Newest WordPress Plugins

Everest Forms

Irrespective of the size of your website, you need a “Contact” page through which your audience or customers reach you out for business or suggestions. As such, it is extremely important that this page has a good design.

To create a properly outlined contact forms, ‘Everest Forms‘ is the go-to plugin. Featuring an easy to use drag and drop interface, the plugin allows you to quickly and easily build beautiful contact forms with multiple design layouts. Moreover, ‘Everest Forms‘ allows you to create multifaceted contact forms with advanced fields making it the most versatile plugin in this category.

Although ‘Everest Forms‘ is available for free, it comes with a host of additional features like editable email settings, Google reCaptcha support, and form validation message that make building fully-fledged forms a breeze.


By far, MonsterInsights is the top-most branch among the Google Analytics plugin family tree. It allows you to gain insights on how customers find and use your website. Even better, all this information is collaborated and correlated within the WordPress dashboard for easy access.

Armed with such information, you are able to finetune and optimize your website for purposes of increasing traffic, subscribers, and revenue. Although the free version works well, the ultimate prowess of MonsterInsights becomes apparent once you upgrade to the Pro version.

Yoast SEO

Although WordPress as a stand-alone platform is SEO friendly, Yoast SEO helps improve your WordPress blog search ranking. Voted as one of the widely used WordPress plugins, it is the ultimate package with all the tools and features required to improve your on-page SEO.

For starters, it helps you optimize your website for social media platforms and Google Search Console, add meta tags, generate sitemaps, and much more. Additionally, the powerful Redirect feature allows you to easily create 301 redirects, auto-directs and detect URL changes. This helps get rid of broken links which are a major turn-off to customers.


According to recent research, it’s estimated that an average online customer spends less than 3 minutes on a website before moving to the next. OptinMonster helps in conversion rate optimization allowing you to convert these casual website visitors into customers and email subscribers.

OptinMonster features a manifold of special features like pre-made and high-converting opt-in forms which give you the freedom to personalize your campaigns for different users.


WordPress website security should be a top priority for every site owner. Sucuri is a WordPress security plugin that offers protection for your website. This plugin works by creating multiple security layers to safeguard your website from malware threats, DDoS, XSS attacks, or any other type of attack.

Courtesy of the cloud proxy firewall, Sucuri is capable of bypassing all your website’s traffic before transmitting it to the hosting server. Additionally, the File Integrity Monitoring can automatically detect any changes made to your files and notify you immediately.

CSS Hero

If you are operating a commercial website, it is important to go with a theme that showcases different aspects of your business. You may choose to showcase different products, services, or themes. Thus, the design elements of your website should gravitate more towards increasing the site’s engagement rate.

If you have the time, you can choose to learn CSS if you are looking to inject a more customized visual appearance to your website–which can be time-consuming. Alternatively, you can deploy CSS Hero plugin as it allows you to easily customize your WordPress theme without writing a single line of code.


Having a large online community helps boost your business and build your brand’s reputation. With MemberPress, you are able to create a large online following and membership using WordPress. On top of that, you are able to customize your content basing on the subscription plans of each member of your online community.

For easy subscription and seamless integration, MemberPress can interface with most popular payment solutions and online stores courtesy of WooCommerce.

Shared Counts

Another great and newest WordPress plugin is Shared Counts. This social media plugin allows you to easily incorporate social sharing buttons and social proof on your website.

And although there are multiple paid solutions available, Shared Counts is absolutely free plus it outshines its peers in terms of performance and code quality.

User Switching

As a business owner, it’s extremely important to test your website’s environment. At the same time, you need to step into the site visitor’s shoes by having a feel of the website’s front end. In the course of doing so, you will constantly have to jump from one user account to another.

User Switching allows you to hop between user accounts giving you a different view of the website.

Revive Old Posts

Looking to revive an older yet quality blog posts that have been buried deep in the archives? Revive Old Post is a plugin that helps you revive older post by sharing them to your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is particularly important when you are looking to eliminate over-reliance on time in getting favorable responses for your posts. Furthermore, it also helps you populate your social feed with relevant content hence generating more traffic for your website.

You may be asking…how do I update my WordPress website?

Before we answer that, it’s important to mention that the above-mentioned WordPress plugins require constant updating. This typically happens when the developers behind these plugins introduce extra functionality or add security patches to the code.

As a site owner, its always recommended keeping your plugins, themes, & WordPress version updated. This reduces the chances of being hacked due to vulnerable software or insecure passwords.

In a bid to streamline the update experience and promote better security, the current WordPress version 5 automatically update itself. However, these updates manly focus on the core WordPress files. For the themes or plugins, you are required to manually update them by simply placing the mouse’s cursor over the Dashboard menu option. In the fly-out menu, you will see the “Updates link”. Click on it and you are good to go.

Final Thought on Newest WordPress Plugins

As you can see, WordPress plugins help improve your site’s SEO, harden security, optimize speed, and marketing your products in a better way.

Depending on the business you are engaged in, you may not need to install all the above-mentioned WordPress plugins. However, you may end up using at least 5 or 6 solutions that we have outlined.

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Partnering with Others: The Freelance Writers Den

Let’s be honest. One of the hazards of being a writer is working alone. A lot. To the point where your dog can actually become your best friend because they share all your deepest conversations and secrets. The problem increases when you are getting advice from your pets when it comes to business decisions, client […]

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The Four Services Every Successful Business Needs

Running a new business can be a challenge for even the most experienced entrepreneurs. Every time you start up a new business, you take a new direction, and you need new strategies and ideas.  You need to make sure that your business is effective, productive, and efficient all at the same time, at the same time as adding value and giving your customers a great experience.

A successful business works with and uses a range of services. Of course, you can try to do it all yourself, but realistically, it can be very difficult to be a master of it all and do it well. You have your own strengths, and part of that is knowing when and where you should get help from other people.

There are some core services that you should ensure that you are using for your business, and here are some of them:

  1. Accountants

Making sure that the financial side of your business is all above board and organized is imperative. Not only can it stop you from getting in a sticky financial situation, but it can also avoid you getting into trouble with the tax man. An accountant can also help you to find legal loopholes to save you money, for example, finding out what you can claim back as expenses, and help you to run your payroll system, if you have one, more effectively.

  1. Managed IT Services

Pretty much every business relies on some sort of IT system, whether it is one at home laptop or a whole network of computers and devices. However big or small your system is, IT Management for businesses can make it run a lot more smoothly. From disaster recovery to cloud service and security software, they can advise and manage it on your behalf.

  1. Marketing Services

Everything from PR to business advertising can be covered by your marketing services. The success of your business rides on how well you can market your product or service, and for that, you need the right team of people supporting you, from collecting data to understanding precisely what your customers want. You can have the very best customer service, but without the proper marketing team, you can’t execute the best strategy to keep those customers coming.

  1. Website Design

Designing a basic website is something you can do yourself, but if you want one that is all-singing and all-dancing, and ranks highly on search engines, you will probably want to employ the services of a specialist website designer. Take the time to get this right because your customers are relying on you to have an excellent website to get the information that they want. Without a superior online experience, they are unlikely to come back.

Having a budget set aside for these services is vital for your business if you want to be successful, no matter what industry you are in.

Take the time to search the best services for your budget; just make sure that these are included!


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Time to Scale Your Business? Yes, But Now What?

Business growth must be carefully planned to be successful. While you might think that blind optimism and reactive decision-making will work just fine, the reality is that you need to know where you are going and which steps are required to get there before you start. Try to grow without planning and you will end up with an unbalanced business that causes far more stress than it should.

Scaling any business up usually comes down to three major concerns: your IT capabilities, your workforce, and your efficiency. Each of these areas is essential to the way you do business and no two can hold things together without the third. And when you are scaling up, you need to be thinking of ways to make running your business easier, if only to make time for more complex ideas!

Scalable IT

Every company is now reliant on IT in some way or other which means that you need to make sure that your IT can keep up with your demands. Cloud services are ideal for this as you can gradually grow the service to suit your needs so you don’t need to over-invest early on.

You should also think about the infrastructure you may require to run your business smoothly. At the point your small business begins to grow, it may not be sensible to house your IT infrastructure in your office. Again, outsourcing is often the best option here as it can also offer improved security.

Staffing and Freelancers

Hiring staff for the first time is a daunting task. If you are new to being a manager, it can feel quite strange to delegate tasks to someone new, especially when you have invested so much time, energy and money into your business. However, bringing new people onboard also opens the door to new talent. If you can keep an open mind, focus on creating a diverse team and let other ideas in, your business will be infinitely better off for it.

If you aren’t quite ready to hire someone full or even part-time, creating a network of freelancers is a good halfway house. Indeed, some businesses rely on freelancers almost exclusively, even when they could hire permanent staff. Freelancers are great for scaling up your business because they bring specialized talents, are project focused and are usually more affordable in the short term. Plus, if you aren’t really sure what you are looking for, a freelancer could guide you in the right direction.

Processes and Efficiency

Finally, you must look at your processes and work out where you can be more efficient in business. Efficiency is about maximizing your output with minimal input whether that means time, money, energy or materials. Often this comes down to working out which processes simply aren’t working, which can be modified and improved and which are okay now but may need revisiting in the future.

As you are scaling up your business, your efficiency will usually dictate how far you can go. However, you must always prepare for improved efficiency. There’s no point in being able to produce significantly more if you can’t get your product or service to the market straight away.


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Golf Club Management Components

Club Advisory Services

Managing a golf club can be a big job. A lot of people forget that it’s not simply a sports venue. A golf club can include a restaurant (if not two), gift shop, hotel and spa. Golf courses can provide classes, tournaments and several different kinds of special events – from tournaments to fundraisers. Golf clubs are also notorious wedding venues, which opens up a whole new arena of managerial concerns and liabilities. Needless to say, managing a golf course can be a little overwhelming.

If you’re thinking about getting into the golf club management business don’t worry. There are a plethora of golf club advisory services that can assist you with all components of your club. You can get one time advice or you can hire a company to manage entire golf course components, it’s up to you. Just be mindful of the many different golf club components before you make a decision about going into a new business.

Club Sales and Marketing

The majority of golf clubs in the country are membership based so you need to have someone who’s dedicated to making sure the marketing is constantly happening. Most golf courses benefit from having an annual marketing and sales plan with established quarterly goals so you can determine where you need to focus your efforts.

Business Operations and Financial Management

Golf club are businesses, therefore you will need to have a business manager. Several people go into the golf club business thinking that they will serve as the owner and business manager, and that can work for some people. However, managing the entire business operations of a club can be cumbersome. Managing the finances alone is a full time job, so you might want to consider securing a strong business administration team to ensure your business is successful.

Retail Store Operations

Most mid to large sized golf clubs have a retail store, which means they need to have a store manager. A significant portion of your revenue can come from a retail store, so this isn’t something you’ll want to take lightly.


From member emails and newsletters to special event flyers and social media content, golf course communications are constantly needed.

Human Resources

Golf courses can employ a handful of people or hundreds of people. Whatever the case, you’re going to need someone to handle recruitment, hiring, training and disciplinary matters.


Because restaurants are a business all on their own, you’ll want to make sure you have an experienced restaurant manager.

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Barnes and Noble will Probably Follow Waterstones Formula

It’s been a year of speculation about Barnes and Noble and their future, which quite honestly looked pretty bleak. Essentially the old management and ownership weren’t ready to step into the modern publishing age and learn to compete with Amazon. And the way to do that, it turns out, comes from Amazon and their physical […]

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4 Ways To Make Running Your Business Easier On You

Running a business is no easy feat, and when you’ve got a million things on your plate it can be difficult to keep on top of absolutely everything. Did you know that over half of all new start-ups fail within the first year of business? Whether it be lack of interest, no return on profit, or too much to handle, you need to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you if you want your business to succeed. So, to make sure you get your business to where it needs to be, check out these ways to make running your business easier on you.

Recruit a second in command

It’s hard to run a business alone – so don’t! It’s understandable that you may be finding it difficult to trust anyone but yourself with your business. However, trying to bear the load on your shoulders alone could result in losing your business. Recruit a second in command to help take the load off your back and help progress your business in the right direction. Take a look at these tips to remember when hiring a second in command so that you can look for the right qualities and hire the right candidate.

Use time management tools

It’s all too easy to become engrossed in a particular task and neglect those that are slightly less desirable. However, running a successful business means making time for even the most mediocre of tasks. If you struggle to do this, using time management tools could really help you become more organized. You could sync it with your Alexa device and schedule reminders like “calculate the ROI of performance management software” so that those all-important yet daunting tasks don’t get left behind.


If you don’t feel like a second in command would benefit your business, perhaps because you can’t justify paying for another member of staff full time, you should consider outsourcing for those tasks that you just can’t manage. For example, if you need someone to create a snazzy logo and graphics for your website, outsourcing a graphic designer temporarily will save you a tonne of money and leave you with one less job on your list of things to do. You can find freelancers on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr, and it’s safer to use these for outsourcing because the platforms protect both the employer and the freelancer.

Take advantage of free marketing

Finally, getting the word around about your business can be difficult, especially if there are other brands within your niche already stealing your target market. However, you should take advantage of free marketing sources such as social media, carrier bags that you hand out to your customers, freebies, your store window, and even your car. Using social media schedulers such as Crowdfire means that you won’t have to spend all day glued to the computer either! Making the most of it not only saves you even more money to inject into your business but also helps take yet another large load off your back.

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What Do You Do If You Have No Choice But To Make Everyone Work Remotely?

As a concept, remote working certainly appears to be great on the surface. After all, it’s cheap, and it allows you to work in the comfort of your own home. But time and again, there have been difficulties in harnessing our employees’ talents by remote working alone. But if you’ve got no other option, and you need to make it work, what are the fundamentals that need addressing?

Set The Template

One method of working is what needs developing. Everybody works in their own specific way, but because communication is a major barrier, if there are members of the team that works in their own way and on individual projects, they can feel like they are the exception to the rule. You don’t want to discourage people from working their own way, but you still need to set a certain template, because remote working is such a different beast. Having a morning meeting via Skype, even just for fifteen minutes gives everybody the opportunity to check in with each other, and see if there are any pressing problems, so everyone is able to get on with their day. The other added benefit of having a meeting via Skype is that it’s a lot quicker than sending an email! Sending an email means that you’ve got to wait for a reply, but if they add something extra that you need to answer, this back-and-forth will waste so much time.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

It all depends on what you do. If you are sending large files, the Jetdrop file transfer program can help, but also if collaboration is a crucial component, finding ways to make it feel like everyone is in the same room is as important. Tools like Evernote have been shown to be more than useful in this respect. And while there are plenty of tools out there, it’s not about getting the most expensive, but it’s about the ones that will really suit you and the team.


It’s in the name, remote working. People can feel on their own, which may be good in terms of focusing on the job, but if everybody is working in an isolated fashion, certain self-absorbed habits can creep in. This is why it’s important, not just to have a meeting at the very beginning of the day, but to give people the opportunity to share information as and when is necessary. If you run the team, giving others that opportunity to open up if they have any misgivings will always benefit. But by giving them the chance to do it in a more personal manner, rather than in an email, will help to build bridges.

Remote working is one of those essential components now, but there can be a lot of mistakes made. Sometimes people go into it for the wrong reasons, thinking that it will just save money, when in fact, remote working is most definitely a cheap approach, but you can still use it to bring out the best in people.


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