A former Navy SEAL delivers step-by-step instructions anyone can master in this survival guide.

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The Beginning

A former Navy SEAL delivers step-by-step instructions for surviving hurricanes, earthquakes, airplane hijackings, avalanches, etc. Featuring a cast of macho experts and expert commentary, this series blurs the line between entertainment and useful information.

Cade Courtley, host of Spike TV’s hit show “Surviving Disaster” and author of a bestseller book. After graduating from the University of San Diego, he was commissioned as a naval officer and entered Navy SEAL training (BUD/S).

He graduated top of his class after 19 months of intense training—including two Hell Weeks and several near-death experiences. He credits the discipline and relentless focus he learned in SEAL training with his business success and as a host and writer for television and the internet. He also talks frequently on his podcast about the importance of consistently challenging himself to the point of failure, an example he takes from his time in Navy SEAL training.

The Middle

The 39-year-old former Navy SEAL has developed a reputation for blurring the lines between entertainment and information. Intercut with dramatic simulations of derring-do, viewers get action-packed tutorials on surviving hurricanes, earthquakes, airplane hijackings, avalanches, and fires.

Courtley explains the basics of surviving a disaster: If on a train, try to get into an emergency exit and get off the tracks as soon as possible; if contaminated, peel your clothes off downward — not over your face. He cites statistics showing that people who are not situationally aware, like those distracted by phones in crowded places, are often among the first casualties in a crisis.

The End

Whether it’s a bomb blast, tornado, plane crash, or wildfire, Courtley is no stranger to disaster. He explains how to be situationally aware — people who are oblivious to their surroundings tend to top the casualty list in the most disastrous situations. He also suggests staying calm under duress and practicing regular self-care to keep one’s body and mind sharp.

This mental toughness is a cornerstone of his military training and something he applies to business as well. He recently shared his morning routine, which includes journaling, meditation, and daily exercise. He also echoed the advice of other military leaders, such as Admiral William McRaven and Jocko Willink, who have created the “4 a.m. Club,” a group of individuals who wake up at 4-430 every day to get centered and productive before starting the day.

The Journey

A former Navy SEAL with Paul Newman eyes and clubs for biceps, Cade Courtley hosts Spike TV’s Surviving Disaster. The Boulder, Colorado, native’s show offers step-by-step tutorials on surviving home invasions, airline hijackings, train wrecks, and even terrorist attacks.

In one episode, he shows viewers how to escape hand restraints in a hostage scenario and tells them how to protect their homes from thieves. Another instructs people what to do on a subway if it’s under attack: Get off at the next stop, run in the opposite direction, and stay away from the doors and windows.