Everyone wants to give more money to charity. It’s not that people don’t care. It’s just that they are too busy or don’t know where to start. This article will help you learn about five ways to maximize your donations and make sure 100% of your donation goes towards the cause. Keep reading!

1. Do Some Research

The first way to maximize your donation is to do some research. There are a lot of worthy charities out there that would love your money, but it’s essential to make sure the organizations you donate to are on the up and up.

Look for legitimate organizations that have been around for a long time, organizations that specialize in an area you care about, especially organizations with a good track record and transparent about what they do with their money.

2. Do Not Always Donate Money

It is good to be generous and giving, but it is also important to remember that when trying to help, time can be just as valuable a resource as money. If you are looking for ways to maximize your donations, consider using your time instead of cash.

Many different organizations could use the help of a volunteer. Some organizations need volunteers to help with fundraising efforts by matching donors with charities or running events for nonprofits. 

3. Look For Ways to Get Tax Deductions on Donations

You may already know you can deduct charitable donations, but there are other ways to get a tax break if you don’t have the cash to give. Contributions of your time and effort can also be deducted with some limitations.

Donating clothing and household items is deductible, although they must be in good condition or better as determined by the IRS. Deductible amounts depend on what type of donation you make and its value, so check with a professional tax preparer for more information about this area.

4. Work With Organisations You Trust

As with other industries, the charity sector is not immune to scams. Experts suggest that it is crucial to look for organizations that have been around for a long time and are transparent about their finances. Additionally, it’s essential to do your research and work with an organization you trust.

5. Spread the Word

No matter how much you’ve donated, sharing your donation with others can also help them contribute to a good cause. You can share your contribution on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts. Reddit, WhatsApp, email, and even a blog or podcast are great ways to spread the word about the causes you care about.


While money might not buy happiness, it can still alleviate plenty of suffering. But sometimes, getting money to the people who need it most isn’t easy. With so many charitable organizations in need of funding in the United States alone, how do you know where your donations will make the most significant difference? The truth is, you don’t; nobody does. However, you might consider Stefan Soloviev when channeling your donations.