I have been able to get a few of you in at the last minute, but have officially closed registration for this event. There are 82 of us, including spouses and partners.

That is a lot of people! Some simple ground rules and suggestions: you have three hours. Roam around, meet new people, and don’t just sit with those you already know. 

Really like someone in particular? Kinda a fan-person of theirs? Don’t monopolize their time. Give others a chance to talk to them as well. 

Bring business cards. QR codes if you so desire for networking and connecting. Want to chat more in-depth with someone you met? Buy them a drink, connect at the conference, or virtually afterward. 

Drink responsibly (as stated below). Please don’t be that person we tell stories about at conferences to come. 

Most of all, have fun! See you all soon!

Time: 6-9 p.m.

The menu and the list are now FINAL! We have 61 people signed up and paid, and a few coming to just drop in. If you signed up and paid, you will get an e-ticket via email. Bring it with you, even if it is just on your phone and not printed. If you forget your ticket, we will have a list, so have your I.D. ready. You’ll need it anyway to drink.

The Menu

You voted! Our two appetizers are the Charcuterie Board and Beer Brined Chicken Wings.

The three proteins for the sliders are brisket, chicken bacon ranch, and the Front Yard Burger. For those who are vegan, there will be some impossible burgers available.

If you have allergies or are vegan, let the venue know when you arrive, and the chef will make something for you.

Drinks and Extra Food

 There is a bar in the venue, and drinks are your responsibility. There will be limited food service outside the buffet, but the buffet is the only thing included in your ticket. 

Be sure to have I.D. if you want to drink, and please be responsible. Don’t be that person we’re still telling stories about three years from now. 

If You’re Not Eating

Please let me know using the form below so I can warn the venue about a number of drop ins. We do not have an upper limit (within reason), but we would like to have an idea at least.–3Y8f7m6M0vYjcHGvsoWXUhK0Sk2G-33rqpdfUE/edit#gid=0



If you are visiting this page after that time, please contact me via Facebook or at the email below so I can see if I can shoehorn you in!

We will be in the upper terrace area of the venue. Ask at the front if you can’t find us, and they will direct you, or just look for all of the 20Books lanyards.

Bring your tickets, your appetite, and prepare to network. Remember to give people time and space, and respect their time and that of those around you. If someone is waiting to talk to the person you are conversing with, let them join in or have a more in-depth conversation privately later.

I suggest you have business cards and other ways for people to connect with you, like the QR idea for your lock screen (see the group post about this on Facebook).

We have the venue officially until 9. We may go longer, but we may also adjourn to the official unofficial bar con as well.



    If you want to tip me for organizing this, or just because, here is a link. This is not required, nor does it give you any special treatment. Maybe. I’ll never tell. If I get enough tips, I won’t do standup comedy or sing. How about that?

    Feel free to contact me via Facebook or at [email protected] with questions.