With the vast number of jobs that are now being done virtually, it is clear that remote work is here to stay. Even as some people are returning to the office, flexible schedules with virtual options have become the norm, and everyone is seeing the benefits.

Remote workers have lower levels of stress. They are able to complete small household tasks throughout the day instead of leaving a mountain of chores to do when they get home. Having the ability to take a child to the orthodontist or simply have a real lunch break, reduces stress related to taking time off work. That flexibility is priceless for workers who are juggling multiple responsibilities.

Employees that work from home have increased productivity for an assortment of reasons. They are able to get work done during the times they would normally spend commuting to and from the office. They are also more likely to answer calls and emails that come in after work hours. It is easy to ignore an email that comes in after leaving the office. If the office is at home, then hopping on the computer to handle an issue seems way less intrusive. There is more of a give and take between employees and employers.

Employers have seen unexpected benefits from shifting employees to flexible remote schedules. They profit from increased productivity and have less of a turnover rate. A survey done by the business publication Crain’s New York showed that 78% of workers identified flexible work schedules and remote work as the most effective way to retain employees, after only money. 

When a job has the ability to be done from home, it makes it easier to hire the best possible candidates. Employers can accept applications from a much wider pool of people, from different parts of the country. These jobs are more attractive and will appeal to a higher caliber of applicants.

With all the benefits for everyone involved, finding a work-from-home job has never been easier. Certain professions lend themselves to remote positions more than others. Here are some careers that are increasingly become virtual.

Customer Service

The days when a customer drove to a store or office just to ask a question or lodge a complaint are fading away. When a person needs customer service, they usually make a phone call or send an email. This is why the majority of customer service jobs are now being done remotely. Virtual receptionist jobs are on the rise for the same reasons. For this position, employees must have excellent communication skills and a lot of patience.

Computer Programming

Computer programmers write and test programs designed by software developers. This is a solitary job that is done primarily on the computer. Employees must have experience writing in coding languages like Java and SQL. This type of job works with a remote option because computer-savvy employees can write code on their own home computer system with fewer distractions.


In some ways, salespeople have the best of both worlds. Part of their job requires in-person interactions. They still need to shake hands and schmooze potential clients. Aside from meetings, salespeople have benefitted from flexible work schedules for years. There is no nine to five for a salesman.

However, with more businesses branching out to different regions and countries, meetings have increasingly switched over to video conferences. This allows salespeople to spend less time in cars and more time speaking to people.


Traditional teachers still need to go to school. There is only so much learning that can be done on the computer, especially for younger kids. But, there are many education positions that can be done online. Online tutors have flexible schedules and can work at home on their computers. Educators who design lessons and materials for school kids often work from home. Teachers who have left the classroom can make money from home scoring tests and writing for educational publications.

Medical Billing

In medical billing or coding, employees read doctors’ notes and convert them to specific billing codes. The codes are used by insurance companies to determine what is covered and what needs to be billed to the patient. This is a crucial part of the healthcare industry. With the recent push towards digitizing health records, this remote job will be increasingly needed.