Almost every business and organization makes use of technology in some way, shape or form. And because we all rely on these devices and systems so heavily, having the complete picture is invaluable to any business. Automating your inventory is no exception. Inventory software can tell you exactly what is on your computers on your network, your on-premises hardware and other devices. Proper inventory shows you exactly what your capabilities are at any given moment. Here’s a few more reasons why you want inventory management to be a tool in your organization’s tool box.

1. Upgrades and Updates

Having a list of all your hardware, software and devices keeps you up to date on what you have and it helps you to make sure that what you have is up to date. You’ll greatly appreciate Cask’s managed services packages that offer automatic updates. When you have the right tools for the job, you’ll be able to handle tasks more efficiently and take advantage of any new features that may be added. Even if you don’t opt for automatic updates, you will still be able to know the limits of any piece of equipment at any given time. Outdated systems are fine as long as they’re not interfering with operations. But knowing what you have gives you the option of upgrading when you’re ready.

2. Avoid Losses and Theft

Doing inventory will clue you in if something should come up missing. Of course no business owner wants to consider an employee as a threat or a thief, but sometimes employees go rogue and get a little handsy. Every device and each piece of hardware may not be in use everyday, or perhaps your business utilizes quite a lot of inventory, which would make a loss or a theft difficult to spot right away. Depending on how often you take inventory and how thorough your recordkeeping, you may be able to identify thefts in a more timely manner. 

3. Business Savvy

It is super important for your businesses to know what exactly it has. There are so many companies and organizations that have so much hardware that it’s far too easy to lose track of the company’s technological and logistical assets. Knowledge is power. So knowing exactly what you have allows you to use your company’s resources appropriately as you need them. It also gives you the power to make wise purchases. An up to date inventory list will prevent you from buying more of what you already have. Not to mention it makes for a more efficient management system. The right inventory management software will allow you to check each device in your network without you having to physically access each device.

The saying goes, “Knowing is half the battle.” And when it comes to knowing the details of the inner workings of your business, the saying still holds true. Whether you want to keep abreast of your technology or are planning new upgrades, taking inventory makes things easier.