You have enthusiasm, necessary woodworking skills but no clue where or how to start the project? Here! We have pulled up easy to create DIY multipurpose projects that don’t require a year’s long working experience rather are beginner-friendly. To set off your woodworking journey, all you need is some wood, common tools, and elbow grease.

  1. Magazine storage cabinet

Archiving favorite books and magazines can be a cinch with a multipurpose magazine storage cabinet. All your favorites will be at your fingertips and will not be lost in any towering pile. Simply Get the plywood and cut it precisely with the help of a jigsaw.

  1. Knife block

The handmade knife block will be an excellent addition to the kitchen as it will place all knives in their place. Start and cut the 10-inch length of the board and cut off evenly spaced kerfs along one face. This woodwork project leans slightly towards intermediate rather than beginner woodworking skills.

  1. Candleholder

Source: Etsy

The project can style up any area of your room. All you need is an old, recycled wood and some drilling and nailing to transform an old wood into a rustic looking candle holder. The project is fun and will have no minimum cost.

  1. Bird Feeder

Why not try something super cool, comfortable, and cheap! Bird feeder can be your first woodworking project for practicing woodworking skills. You can quickly build this super easy bird feeder with the help of a cedar board, glue, rope, birdseed, and wood screws.

  1. DIY wine Rack

If you are more of a wine person and need a compact space for the most prized wine bottles, give this project a try. Customize it according to your preferred size so you can hold as many bottles as you like. 

  1. Wood tablet holder

The simple project will let you build a unique present for your spouse, friend, or anyone who admires or needs a compact holder for their tablet. It can also be served as the cooking book stand, and techy chefs will love to accommodate this in their kitchen.

  1. Address number Wall planter

Source: Pinterest

Spice up the doorway entrance with this cool looking multipurpose DIY project. It will have an address number and allow you to put the beautiful flowers to flaunt more welcoming vibes. All you need is a cedar fence picket, wood stain, metal address number, and succulents.

  1. Tree Swing

Why don’t you let your children experience the fruit of your hard work? The detailed yet simple to execute design will bring an instant smile to kids’ faces. The project will take hardly 30 minutes, and you can make a difference in making your outdoor space more dreamy and fun.

  1. Hanging planter

Indoor planters beautify the place to multiple folds and instantly jazz the corner you place them. However, the modern planters incline slightly towards the intermediate than the absolute beginner skills. You can mark it as your next wood project if you feel confident about your abilities

  1. Wall art

Everything you build does not necessarily have practical use. Sometimes, things are great to work with, and sometimes things are great to look at. How about the simple artwork that does not demand you to be a pro.

  1. Jewelry organizer

This organizer can also serve as a coat hanger by merely using different knobs for hanging. It is effortless to execute – all you need, few precise cuts, attachments, and lastly, and paint to colour the wood.

  1. Bar Stools

The project is excellent as it refines your skills and makes something adorable for your outdoor space. You can use these bar stools for basement and outdoor use. The assembly is a cinch.

  1. Computer desk

With some primary woods and brackets, you can create this fantastic average-sized computer desk. You can also customize, cut it small or big sized to make it the perfect fit. However, make sure you know how to locate studs and how to fit into any room of your home nicely.

  1. Sofa sleeve

Sofa sleeve is a practical addition for those living in a small or minimalist space or has space issues to add tables and trays. The wooden sofa sleeve allows you to lounge on the couch and put in a hot cup of tea without worrying that it will damage the couch arm.

  1. Wall mounted rack

A wall mounted rack is also a woodwork project for absolute beginners. Just grab the essential supplies and elbow grease to liven up space. It will hardly take an hour to complete the project. However, you can paint it to amp up the decorative value of this DIY project.

  1. Cutting board

There have been many cutting and cheese boards on the market, yet there is nothing more satisfying than creating one by yourself. All you need is a hardwood board, sandpaper, a paintbrush, and some basic supplies to cut the wood.

  1. Rustic wooden shelf

No matter how spacious your home is, it looks cluttered and messy if things are not in their place. Shelves have always been a fantastic solution to claim the cutter and giving your expensive collectibles their spot. You can make it using a few pieces of wood, screws, a drill, and a screwdriver. You can also buy it from handcrafted shelves – an excellent hub for the quality and competitively priced rustic floating shelves.

  1. Patio table

The simple yet contemporary style of the table is what you need to beautify your backyard. The project will hardly take three hours from start to finish, and you will end up making a beautiful multipurpose table that can fit in any place. 

  1. Triangle mirror

Source: Pinterest

Do you know mirrors make your wall look bigger? But adding old or plain mirrors is an outdated idea. Therefore, it is good to practice skills and spruce up your wall’s beauty by adding a triangular mirror that can make you a real décor maker.

  1. Bottle Vase

Flowers can lighten up any corner of the room, especially if presented or placed pleasingly. But we also don’t encourage you to buy costly vases for this purpose. Simply grab some recycled wood and material like small bottles, glue, drill and sandpaper to build a beautiful vase in less than an hour.