In a competitive marketplace, figuring out ways to get potential customers’ attention can be just as important as offering a great product or service. Digital signs have been gaining popularity among advertisers for several reasons.

1. Easily Changeable

Software for digital signage allows advertisers to easily adjust their message on the fly. If you want to advertise an upcoming sale, promotion or new product, all you need to do is make a few changes in the software program. Additionally, if you have more than one location, you can change the message on all of your signs at the same time. Digital signs eliminate the need to have an employee physically change out every sign whenever you need to run a different advertisement.

2. Provides Self-Serve Options

If a customer has a question about a product and they can not find anyone to ask, you might lose a sale. Additionally, some customers do not like interacting with employees, because they fear being pressured into making a purchase. Digital signs can be used as a self-service option for customers to get additional information about your products and services. Self-service options also free up your staff to assist customers with questions or transactions that can not be automated.

3. Attention-Grabbing

One of the primary functions of an advertisement is to get the attention of potential customers. Digital signs do a better job of attention-grabbing than static advertisements because they can utilize moving images. In fact, some studies have indicated that digital signs get as many as 400% more views than comparable static signs.

4. Memorable

Digital signs can utilize video which has been shown to be more memorable to viewers than other types of media. This is particularly useful when you are advertising a future event, such as a sale or new product, that you want customers to remember and come back for.

5. Entertaining

Waiting in the checkout lane is a source of frustration for many shoppers. Providing shoppers with something to do while they wait can significantly reduce both their frustration level and their perception of how long they had to wait in line. Digital signs can be used to provide content that both promotes your business and entertains customers while they wait.

How effective you are at marketing your products to your customers can be as important as the products themselves. Digital signs can be a good way to provide information, promote your products, and keep your customers engaged.