Modernizing your office gives your employees a new and refreshing space to work in as well as looks attractive to those who visit you. Careful preparation for your remodel will ensure that you stay within your timeframe and budget while providing the updates that you want. Here are a few steps to follow to accomplish this.

Prepare For the Remodel

Contact someone who specializes in commercial office cleaning to scrub everything to get it ready for construction. Analyze the space and determine what your needs are and what changes need to be made. If you are looking to add workspaces, you might consider opening up the floor to accommodate more desks or tear down the walls of conference rooms or offices that have limited use. This is also a good time to make areas more accessible to those with disabilities or to modernize communal spaces like your kitchen, reception, or breakroom. Evaluate your budget to see if you can fit the changes you want to make or if you will need to trim back to the essentials.

Hire a Contractor

Request bids from local contractors to see who can make the changes you need for the amount of money you can afford. Invite them out to see the space. This gives them a chance to review what you are asking for then possibly offer suggestions that might work better. Once you go over what is submitted, contact who you would like to lead the project and make arrangements for construction to begin. Ask what day they can begin and how long they think the process will take. Add some time to that to accommodate for any surprises that might occur. When you have a timeline, schedule a meeting with your staff and let them know what will be happening and how it will affect their work situation.

Look Over Your Building

Contact a building inspector to check your office area to see if there are issues with load-bearing walls, leaks in the windows, asbestos, heating and cooling systems, or other problems that might delay or stop your remodel. You should do this with your contractor so that the two of them exchange information about what they find. This might be a step that your project leader will do for you then let you know the results of the study. If there is an issue found, ask how much it will be to repair then factor it into your budget. You will also need to adjust your construction schedule to fit in the additional work.